Elden Ring Pro conquers the game without running, jumping, riding, and rolling

Anyone who is overloaded in Elden Ring will be severely punished.  Is it possible to beat the game in this state?

Anyone who is overloaded in Elden Ring will be severely punished. Is it possible to beat the game in this state?

Have you ever wanted to use cool armor or weapons in Elden Ring, but then found that they were way too heavy? You could only drag yourself slowly through the intermediate land, no longer roll and jump. YouTuber Iron Pineapple turned it into a challenge and played through the entire game while supercharged. Here you can find out what enormous difficulties this entails and what strategies are available for it.

Excruciatingly slowly through the intermediate country

It’s all about this: There are different tiers of gear weight in Elden Ring: small load, medium load, large load and overloaded. Ideally, you play with a small load in order to be able to dodge the fast and aggressive opponents. It still works quite well even with medium loads.

Equipment load too high: With a heavy load, greater difficulties already arise. You have to deal with the so-called “fat roll”, so you only roll slowly and sluggishly. If you are overloaded, like Iron Pineapple did in the challenge, the action RPG becomes almost impossible. You only move very slowly, if you try to roll, you only stumble in one direction in slow motion, jumps are impossible.

Spectralross remains in the (spectral) stable: In a self-experiment, YouTuber Iron Pineapple tests whether the game can be defeated at all. The Elden Ring pro does without storm wind (unless it is absolutely necessary, which almost never happens). Not to protect his back, but because it would have watered down the challenge a bit to be lightning fast in the saddle again.

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The challenge

The run brings with it more difficulties than you might initially think. Iron Pineapple has this in one 35-minute video, which you can watch here:

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First of all, of course, the challenge requires a lot of patience, as the character moves as if in slow motion. In addition, completely new combat strategies must be found. In the beginning, the only thing that works is blocking all attacks and then reacting.

problems everywhere: Another difficulty is that encounters with enemies can hardly be avoided. In places where most players in the open world would have galloped by quickly, the slowly creeping character will always engage in combat.

However, Iron Pineapple only uses such means if there is no other way, because a long-range attack by Radahn, for example, throws him further back than he can run to the next attack despite the block.

Would you have the nerve and patience for such a challenge? Which part do you think is the most difficult?