Twitch Streamer Wants to Complete Elden Ring Without Getting Hit – Tragically Fails Final Attack

Twitch Streamer Wants to Complete Elden Ring Without Getting Hit - Tragically Fails Final Attack

Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hob wanted to complete Elden Ring without getting hit once. This works for over 4 hours – but of all things, everything goes drastically wrong in the very last second.

The Souls games from the developer studio FromSoftware are famous for their crisp level of difficulty. However, fans of the games always insist that these games are always fair. And some want to prove it.

In the Souls community, the so-called no-hit runs have always been a popular challenge. Here, the best players in the Souls games want to play through the entire game without getting hit once.

The most famous player for this type of challenge run is The_Happy_Hob. At Elden Ring, he was very close to making it. But that goes wrong in the most tragic way.

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“Let’s call it a draw”

The_Happy_Hob particularly drew attention in November 2021 when he played through all 6 available Souls games back-to-back without getting hit once (via YouTube).

He is currently trying to get this achievement in Elden Ring as well. And he was very close.

How did the streamer fail? The_Happy_Hob fights the Eldenbeast, the final boss in the game. One goal still stands between him and impressive success. He makes the final attack, knowing what’s going to happen: “Damn, I’m dead”.

He hits the boss fatally – but is also hit. His run goes wrong at the very last second. Here’s the heartbreaking scene in the clip:

Boss and player perish at the same time, the screen first shows a game over, then the victory screen. But that doesn’t matter.

Ironically, in the very last second of the last boss fight, the streamer is hit. The no-hit run, which took more than 4 hours, failed.

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How does the streamer react? The streamer doesn’t say much in the clip. He puts his hand to his forehead, exhales deeply, and tries to negotiate with the game: “Let’s call it a tie.”

But of course this negotiation tactic does not work. The_Happy_Hob, now very unhappy, starts a new save and clearly says again: “That didn’t count, I died. I can not believe it.”

How do viewers react? Hob’s fans were also very sad after that tragic second. But there was a lot of encouragement for the streamer:

“It’s devastating but it’s Hob, he’ll get it within a week if he tries again,” says one fan reddit.

Many viewers are also upset about the Eldenbeast. The last boss in the game in particular has an annoying attack that is almost impossible to dodge. That’s why it’s particularly frustrating for the Twitch streamer that this last hurdle can be so uncomfortable.

The Elden Beast also appears negatively in our boss ranking for Elden Ring:

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