The Chant: next-gen horror from industry veterans is coming this fall

Cosmic horror rains down on earth in The Chant.

Cosmic horror rains down on earth in The Chant.

2022 already had some really good games to offer, but in terms of horror things are looking rather meager so far. Since highlights such as Dead Space Remake, The Callisto Protocol and Alan Wake 2 are still relatively far in the future, smaller titles have to fix it. One such game is The Chant, which was announced a while ago but has so far flown under the radar. Wrongly so, in our opinion, because behind the project are some industry giants who have worked on games like Bully and Sleeping Dogs in the past.

The Chant combines horror with survival mechanics

In the game by publisher Prime Matter and developer Brass Token, we are taken to a lonely island where the protagonist wants to find herself again together with other stressed people. However, the community soon turns out to be a cult and things get out of hand.

The ritual chants not only open the minds of those present, but also a portal to another dimension called The Gloom, where a multitude of cosmic horror creatures wait to invade our world. From here, our goal is to close the dimensional gate and uncover the mysteries of the cult.

The trailer for The Chant spreads quite a spooky mood:

This is known about the gameplay: The Chant is a single player game that we control from the third person perspective. Since the title is called an action-adventure, we can probably expect a more sophisticated combat system.

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Crafting also plays a role, but whether we can also craft more basic things in addition to weapons is unknown. If you don’t like survival games, don’t worry, because games like The Last of Us also have a crafting system.

More horror news:

When is The Chant coming out?

This year we can still fight for our survival, because The Chant comes in October 2022 on the market. After the game was originally announced for PS4 and Xbox One as well, those responsible have since canceled the last-gen version. The Chant is now only available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S (via brass token).

Do you think The Chant can hold its own in the horror genre?