The Valiant: Real-time strategy game starts bloody crusade across Europe

The Valiant: Real-time strategy game starts bloody crusade across Europe

The real-time strategy game The Valiant sends players on a bloody crusade across Europe in search of a mystical relic.

The rules of chivalry are: “You shall always defend justice and always fight against evil!” And that is exactly what drives the hero of this story, Theodoric von Akenburg.

Former brother in arms Ulrich is obsessed with acquiring parts of a mystical relic, the Staff of Aaron. In order to get the missing pieces, he embarks on a brutal crusade across Europe and the Holy Land.

If Ulrich’s endeavor were successful, it would have dire consequences for the entire world. And so Theodoric sets out again to embark on the holy quest and gather loyal companions around him – although he had sworn never to take up a sword again…

The Valiant is an action-packed real-time strategy game with role-playing elements that aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the genre. The focus is on tactical skirmishes between smaller groups of troops rather than battles between entire armies or building a base.

Players follow a varied story campaign through many unique scenarios. Decisions are important both on and off the battlefield, because before each mission the right mix of troops has to be chosen and the heroes’ equipment and skills have to be improved.

With three unique skill trees per hero, there are many ways to find your favorite playstyle. The Valiant’s fast-paced, melee-centric combat will surprise even experienced real-time strategists.

The Valiant also features two multiplayer modes: Cooperative and Competitive. Although the game’s campaign is designed as a pure single-player experience, up to three players can prove themselves against increasingly tough opponents, including challenging mini-bosses, in the Last Man Standing mode. If successful, experience points beckon for the hero played, which unlock new skills.

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The PVP mode features 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios in fast and intense battles to capture control points and build up your own forces. Earning victories unlocks a variety of cosmetic customization options to dress up for battle.


  • Squad-based RTS featuring a variety of units, from sturdy swordsmen to swift cavalry.
  • Choose squads of heroes and support teams in 15 hand-crafted exciting single player missions, each with their own cutscenes, voiced journals, difficulty settings and more.
  • Six squads of heroes, each with three different skill trees that offer you unique passive and active skills as your hero levels up.
  • Acquire a variety of weapons and armor throughout the campaign, each with individual attributes and special skill options.
  • Combining hero skills with weapons and gear allows for a massive range of hero builds.
  • Take on hordes of enemies and gain experience to earn new skills and cosmetics as you level up in the three-player cooperative Last Man Standing mode.
  • Compete in PvP modes with 1v1 and 2v2 support, cosmetic meta progression, and special rewards for ranked matches.

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