Ryzen 6000: AMD & Qualcomm want to enable faster Wi-Fi

Ryzen 6000: AMD & Qualcomm want to enable faster Wi-Fi

from Claus Ludewig
Qualcomm is launching a new WLAN module for laptops with AMD’s Ryzen 6000, which should enable faster Wi-Fi.

The first routers and end devices that use the Wi-Fi 6 standard are now available. Regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi 4, 5 or 6, all of these standards transmit either in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz range. The Wi-Fi 6E extension also uses the frequency band in the 6 GHz range. In the meantime, AMD and the American chip manufacturer Qualcomm have announced that they will install faster WLAN modules in laptops with Ryzen processors. Specifically, Qualcomm will develop Fastconnect 6900 for Ryzen 6000. First of all, the new WLAN/Bluetooth chip celebrates its premiere in business notebooks with Ryzen Pro 6000. However, gamers will soon be able to benefit from a faster wireless Internet connection.

Wi-Fi Dual Station: Windows 11 exclusive feature

Microsoft offers the Wi-Fi Dual Station function exclusively for Windows 11 users. Different Wi-Fi frequency ranges and antennas are used simultaneously in order to be able to offer the lowest possible latency. Thus, users of an appropriately equipped PC or laptop with Qualcomm 4-Stream DBS and with Wi-Fi Dual Station surf the internet faster. In addition to Qualcomm, Steam has already integrated support for Wi-Fi Dual Station into the Steamworks SDK. First PC games to support Wi-Fi Dual Station are dota 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive.

In the area of ​​business laptops, the 2022 models of the HP Elitebook 805 and Lenovo Thinkpad Z come with official support for Qualcomm Fastconnect 6900. Finally, corporate customers can also benefit from the new exclusive function for Windows 11 and, for example, operate out-of-band Wi-Fi remote management in order to fix problems with the company laptops more quickly. In general, more channels with widths of 80 MHz (up to 14) or 160 MHz (up to 7) can be used with Wi-Fi 6E in the 6 GHz range. So you could actually achieve gigabit WLAN. Already with Wi-Fi-6, the WLAN signal should be better distributed to several users of the same network using the technology Multi User Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access – MU-OFDMA for short. However, the basic requirement for using the new features is that the laptop is connected to a router that also supports Wi-Fi 6 (E).

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Collection for better WLAN in Windows 11:

  • Microsoft offers the Wi-Fi Dual Station function exclusively for Windows 11 users, which uses different Wi-Fi frequency ranges and antennas at the same time.
  • Qualcomm, together with AMD, has now announced the first laptops that can use Wi-Fi Dual Station. For example, the new Lenovo Thinkpad Z and the 2022 model of the HP Elitebook 805 have a Ryzen Pro 6000 with a Qualcomm Fastconnect 6900.
  • The new functions should also be available for gamers in order to be able to achieve lower latency. The PC games Dota 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive already support the Wi-Fi Dual Station feature.
  • In order to be able to use Wi-Fi Dual Station, you not only need an appropriately equipped PC with Windows 11, but also a router that supports Wi-Fi 6 (E).

Sources: Tom’s hardware, Qualcomm