On 25.05. you can buy a PS5 at GameStop

On 25.05.  you can buy a PS5 at GameStop

You really want to finally buy a PS5? Today at GameStop you could have the opportunity to do so again after a long time. MeinMMO provides you with all the important information.

It is still extremely difficult to get hold of a PS5. The last few months have often been characterized by longer periods of drought in terms of PS5 drops and sales.

In addition, many a retailer even left the online business with the coveted console completely last year and concentrated entirely on brick-and-mortar retail. So does GameStop.

So you could only buy the PlayStation 5 from the company as part of local sales campaigns, although you needed a lot of luck here too, since the contingents were usually negligible.

After more than a year of online abstinence, GameStop is now selling the PS5 again

But now the big surprise: on the occasion of the Days of Play, GameStop is actually selling the PS5 online again for the first time after a break of more than a year!

That is offered official PS5 incl. Horizon Forbidden West bundle for 559.99 euros.

There is currently a queue running. However, we will keep you informed if anything changes.

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