Top offer: With Playstation VR you can currently experience virtual worlds for less than 200 euros

Playstation vr media market offer

At MediaMarkt you can get the perfect introduction to the virtual world for less than €200. Grab the Playstation VR Starter Kit.

If you’ve always wanted to try what options virtual reality offers, now is the perfect time. at MediaMarkt you can namely in the context of days of play the starter kit from PlayStation VR under 200 euros to back up.

To the offer at MediaMarkt

Playstation VR: Virtual reality for beginners

PlayStation VR is the only VR headset for the console. So you don’t need a powerful one gaming pc, to immerse yourself in the virtual world. One PS5 or alternatively one PS4 Pro is enough.

The starter kit is the perfect way to get started, as it contains everything you need to get started:

  • The VR headset
  • The VR Camera
  • An adapter for the PS5
  • A voucher for VR Worlds

The setup is quick and you can plunge into your first adventure. With VR Worlds are already in the package 5 unique experiences in the virtual world. you can in Ocean Descent dive into the depths of the sea or in The London Heist make the English capital unsafe.

at MediaMarkt you can currently get the starter kit for particularly cheap €199.99!

Get the Playstation VR Starter Kit now for only €199.99

VR: An indescribable experience

Who never one VR headset can’t imagine how immersive virtual worlds can actually be. You experience games in a completely new way, much more directly and extensively than before.

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There are now a whole range of impressive games that let you use the full power of PlayStation VR can experience. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission shows, for example, what the platformer of the future could look like and that with the action-packed Beat Saber makes sport more fun than ever.

With No Man’s Sky you even have a complete virtual galaxy at your disposal. VR is no longer just the technology of the future, you can already immerse yourself and be enchanted – currently for just once €199.99!

Get Playstation VR now for only €199.99

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