Twitch trend causes 30 hours of debris breaks – Makes streamers big in Germany

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You can marvel at a new trend on Twitch. Streamers like EliasN97, xRohat and MckyTV stream their suffering for hours – this is what it looks like.

Hamburg – Broken bones are probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of content on Twitch. But some streamers are afraid of nothing and face a new Twitch trend. A little all-clear: Real bones are not broken here. It’s about another challenge that occasionally breaks the will of EliasN97, MckyTV, xRohat and Co. In Fortnite, Warzone, Fall Guys and Valorant they fight non-stop for victories – sometimes even until the wee hours. MckyTV took it to the extreme and rose to the challenge: “10 games, 20 wins“.

Full name Michael
Known as MckyTV
birthday September 29, 1993
Place of birth Hamburg
Followers on YouTube 704,000 (as of May 2022)
Followers on Twitch 1.2 million (as of May 2022)

New Twitch trend gives streamers a C fracture – 30 hours for 20 wins in 10 games

This is the new trend: You know it: In the afternoon, get a win in your favorite game with a few friends. But this concept was too stupid for some streamers. So they set themselves a challenge: X games, X wins. The X’s stand for a certain number that the streamers can expect – or not expect – to do in this session. For example, EliasN97, xRohat, MckyTV, xTheSolution try to get three wins in Fall Guys, two wins in Valorant and then a single last win in Warzone. We have included an example from a MckyTV highlight video for you here.

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Comminuted Fractures and C-Fractures: What actually doesn’t sound that demanding, twitch streamers like to keep busy until 9 a.m. The will of the streamers is broken several times. “fracture“, “debris fracture” and “C fracture“ MckyTV and his colleagues call it when they are at the end of their mental tether. But only until the dreaded “fixator“ gives the last rest. Word juggling is extremely popular among fans of Twitch streamers and could well make a good candidate for youth word of the year 2022 in the future. Unfortunately Papaplatte and his youth word of the year didn’t make it.

How long it can go: About two years ago, MckyTV presented on Twitch how he won several games with his friends – so the trend is not entirely new. However, MckyTV outdid itself in its May 28th stream. “10 Games 20 Wins Challenge – The Infinite Stream‘ called it the streamer on Twitch. Other titles such as Mario Kart 8, PUBG, CSGO, Rocket League or League of Legends were added to the usual games. MckyTV also showed his own sleep in the stream. After a record-breaking time of almost 33 hours, MckyTV and Rohat won together with their colleagues in Warzone and completed the challenge with flying colours. If you want to see the whole spectacle, you can Videos on YouTube look at.

New Twitch trend makes German streamers big – xTheSolution with gigantic growth

Streamers benefit: The new trend is giving some streamers incredible growth and making them popular with many new fans. The success of xTheSolution is most evident. In the last 30 days alone, he was able to gain over 15,000 new followers – almost doubling his already good growth. Many other small streamers, who often appear in the stream with EliasN97 or xRohat, are also getting more attention from the trend.

Twitch trend causes 30 hours of debris breaks – makes streamers big in Germany

© Unsplash/Imago/Instagram: mckyTV/Twitch (Montage)

Sidney Eweka, MoAuba and Eldos are just a few of the names supporting the successful streamers in their hunt for the wins. Small streamers benefit greatly from the new Twitch trend because they reach a large and extensive audience. Fans of the various games converge on the streams to watch their favorite streamers suffer. The colorful mix of popular games and broken will seems to please pretty much everyone.

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List of rubrics: © Unsplash/Imago/Instagram: mckyTV/Twitch (Montage)