Mirror Puzzles in Diablo Immortal, the fastest solution

Mirror Puzzles in Diablo Immortal, the fastest solution

In Diablo Immortal there are some puzzles that invite the community to ponder. Among them are some no-brainers, while others encourage random clicking back and forth. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back PlayCentral.de.

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What is the mirror puzzle? One of the thought-provoking puzzles in Diablo Immortal is the mirror puzzle. So how can I solve this puzzle quickly? We have the answer.

Mirror puzzles solved quickly in Diablo Immortal, here’s how!

The mirror enigma in Krull’s archive appears right after Lamp puzzle. We have also prepared the appropriate solution for this. However, if you have already solved the lamp puzzle, you can continue with the mirror puzzle.

The mirrors have to be here correctly positioned become, so that Shine a ray to the rune can form to activate them. These mirror puzzles are well known. Already in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time there were such mysteries. So the thought is clear. So now all we have to do is arrange the mirrors correctly. And best of all with this quick solution.

© Blizzard/PlayCentral.com

Arranging mirrors correctly: For the fastest fix, leave all the mirrors alone and just focus on the ones you really need. Of the mirror (1) must be pushed under the two right mirrors in the picture. And in such a way that he directly to the edge of the lower mirror approaching both.

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Of the mirror (2) is also pushed down, only here the mirror has to be attached to the Lower edge of the left mirror reach. Just move it so that they are almost on top of each other.

The mirrors in Diablo Immortal in the right order. © Blizzard/PlayCentral.com

After moving the mirror should be yours mirror constellation look like this in the picture. Everything done right? Then the game can continue. We wish you lots of fun!