Pokémon GO: Trading Card Game Crossover Event – that’s what awaits you

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A new event celebrating the new cards in the Trading Card Game is starting soon in Pokémon GO. Three new monsters are introduced into the game.

San Francisco – For nearly three decades, Pokémon has not only featured the main series video games, but also the trading card game. Used to be played in every schoolyard, it is still as popular today as ever. Some Pokémon trading cards are now even worth a fortune. Now the first trading cards, which are based on Pokémon GO, appear. Of course, this is also duly celebrated in the Niantic game.

name of the game Pokemon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android, iOS
developer niantic
genre Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: Crossover Event celebrates new Pokémon GO trading cards with three new monsters

When is the event running? The Pokémon GO and Pokémon TCG Crossover Event kicks off Thursday, June 16th. Trainers then have a full two weeks to catch all of the event’s Pokémon and solve the collector’s challenges. All events in June 2022 in Pokémon GO can be found in our article.

  • Begin: Thursday, June 16, 10 a.m
  • End: Thursday, June 30, 8 p.m

These new Pokémon appear: Three new Pokémon will appear in the game for the Pokémon GO crossover event. One of them is a new costumed Pikachu. This wears a trading card game cap for the event and is very easy to recognize. In addition to the costumed Pikachu, fans will also have the chance to catch Rice Louse and his development Textass for the first time. In order to evolve Ricefly into Textass, Trainers will need a whopping 400 Candy.

Pokémon GO: Trading Card Game Crossover Event – that’s what awaits you

© Niantic

Meltan catchable again: In addition to Pikachu with the trading card game cap and the two new Pokémon, Meltan can finally be caught in the game again. With a bit of luck, trainers will even catch Shiny Meltan. For this, however, players must get their hands on a Wunderbox. You can do this by transferring Pokémon from Pokémon GO or Pokémon: Let’s GO, Pikachu/Eevee! to Pokémon HOME.

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The Wonder Box must then be used during the Pokémon GO crossover event to capture Meltan. The San Francisco developer is also reducing the cooldown of the Wonder Box for the event, so you can catch even more Meltan.

Pokémon GO: Crossover Event to the Trading Card Game – All event Pokémon at a glance

Lunastein and Solfel worldwide: In addition to Meltan, Rice Louse and Tectass, there are two other Pokémon for the crossover event that players should not miss. Sunrock and Lunastein are usually regional monsters that are tied to specific hemispheres in Pokémon GO. Both Pokémon are available worldwide for the event. After the event, i.e. from July 1st, Lunastein can only be caught in the western hemisphere and Solnfel only in the eastern hemisphere.

All Wild Pokemon: The Pokémon GO Crossover Event is packed with monsters for Trainers to catch. These Pokémon will appear in the wild for the event:

  • Bulbasaur*
  • Bisaknosp
  • Charmander*
  • Glutexo
  • Squirtle*
  • Schillok
  • Alola Rattface*
  • Pikachu with Pokémon TCG Cap*
  • Flegmon*
  • Magikarp*
  • Eevee*
  • Webarak*
  • nature*
  • stylus*
  • camaub*
  • Bidiza*
  • dumbass*
  • rice louse
  • onix*
  • Khanira*
  • Relaxo*
  • dragonite
  • Letarking
  • sunrock*
  • lunastone*

All Pokémon in Field Research: Trainers will also encounter some Pokémon from the trading card game during field research. These monsters await you in field research in Pokémon GO:

  • Bisaknosp
  • Glutexo
  • Schillok
  • Pikachu with Pokémon TCG Cap*
  • rice louse
  • Bisaflor*
  • Charizard*
  • Turtok*
  • Relaxo*
  • dragonite
  • Letarking

All raid bosses for the event: Of course, there will also be new raid bosses in the game for the Pokémon GO crossover event:

So the Pokémon GO Crossover Event is a perfect opportunity to collect Mega Energy for the starter Pokémon from Kanto.

Pokémon GO: Trading Card Game Crossover Event – ​​Six Collector Challenges

Event Collector Challenges: At the Pokémon GO crossover event, trainers can once again look forward to collector challenges. According to the developer from San Francisco, there will be six of them. The challenges will probably vary in difficulty and have different rewards. Rewards include XP, a Lure Module, and an Incubator. Trainers may also encounter Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Meltan while solving the Collector’s Challenges.

*All Pokémon marked with a star can also be caught as Shiny.

Rubric list image: © Niantic