Elden Ring level 1 player takes a measly 17 seconds to defeat Malenia

Elden Ring level 1 player takes a measly 17 seconds to defeat Malenia

Boss Malenia has given many of us Elden Ring players a hard time, and we’ve also seen many of the particularly resourceful Tainted take revenge on us. However, this fan ups the ante and not only defeats the nemesis with a level 1 character, but also in an incredible 17 seconds. We can’t even tie our shoes that fast.

Malenia, level 1 in 17 seconds

It’s all about this: User Still-Stay8668 shares a really impressive clip on Reddit. It shows a fight against Malenia, which can actually be described as boss bullying. As soon as the fight begins, the hard endgame boss is already defeated.

Here you can get an impression of it yourself:

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But how is it possible to defeat such a strong boss with a level 1 character and so quickly? Still-Stay8668 reveals it in a comment under the video post. In Elden Ring you can work very well with buffs. Stacked buffs can become a real hit. In order to wipe away an Engegner so easily, more is needed.

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This is how the fight goes in 17 seconds

Buffs mentioned include the Golden Oath invocation, which boosts both attack and defense. On each of the two Curved Swords, Still-Stay8668 uses the Ashes of War Seppuku ability.

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Also talismans like the cheer of the sprout of rot (increases the attack power when poison or rot is nearby) or items like the frost pot, which causes frost on opponents, as well as various helmets are used. Additionally, Godrick’s Greater Rune is active during combat. This increases all attributes.

This is just a selection of what it takes to make short work of Malenia. If you want to know the whole strategy, you should read Still-Stay8668’s detailed comment below the Reddit post. In addition, the impressive demonstration of power did not take place on the very current patch 1.05, but on version 1.04.2.

How do you like this spectacle? Do you like to watch boss fights of a different kind?