3 popular alternatives for shooter fans disappointed by Battlefield 2042

3 popular alternatives for shooter fans disappointed by Battlefield 2042

After the disappointment of Battlefield 2042, fans of this style of shooter are looking for good alternatives. Therefore, as part of Find Your Next Game, we would like to introduce you to 3 popular shooter alternatives that use the Battlefieldcommunity likes to gamble.

A few weeks ago, a player on the Battlefield subreddit asked, “What are Battlefield fans actually playing right now?” (via reddit). Because Battlefield 2042 has disappointed and the old series parts have lost their appeal for many fans, players are looking for comparable alternatives.

The most popular answer in this thread wasn’t a shooting game at all, but the action RPG Elden Ring. Apart from that, 3 shooters in particular were mentioned most frequently:

  • Hell Let Loose
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm
  • World War 3

Even though Battlefield 2042 made a few successful course corrections with the start of Season 1, players are still looking for good alternatives. That’s why we would like to introduce these 3 shooters to you here. We’ll tell you who they’re best suited for.

Hell Let Loose – Real teamwork in World War II

Hell Let Loose in the trailer

What kind of game is this? If Hell Let Loose had to be summed up in two words, “ruthlessly realistic” would be a good choice. The weapon behavior alone in this WW2 shooter makes it clear that there is no fast-paced arcade action here:

  • You die and kill with only 1-2 bullets
  • You won’t find a crosshair in the game
  • Your soldier moves very slowly and sometimes awkwardly
  • There are no hit markers or kill confirmations on your hits
  • Your weapons spew so much fire and smoke with each shot that it blocks your view

That doesn’t really sound like Battlefield at first, which is why MeinMMO editor Jürgen Horn described it as a kind of “anti-Battlefield” back in November 2018. But it is precisely in this contrast that Hell Let Loose finds great fans in the Battlefield community.

Who is the game suitable for? Similar to old-school Battlefields, you choose one of many classes and form a squad of up to 6 players. There are 100 players on the servers, 50 per team. The two game modes correspond to Conquest and Breakthrough from Battlefield 2042.

But even more than in Battlefield, communication, consultation and cohesion are the be-all and end-all in Hell Let Loose. The difficult and confusing gunplay, an intentional lack of resources and orders from higher-ranking soldiers automatically promote full, concentrated teamplay.

If you don’t have a microphone or like to act like a lone wolf, you won’t have much fun with the game. But anyone who likes a war simulation that is as intense as it is immersive will be very happy in Hell Let Loose.


  • Intense and immersive war simulation
  • Team play and communication are very important
  • Lots of strategic depth, with orders and resource management
  • Unique gameplay despite many similarities to Battlefield
  • Mostly friendly, helpful players

  • WW2 setting
  • Solo players will not find fun
  • Difficult start for newcomers
  • No direct Battlefield replacement, more “contrast program” instead

How much does the game cost? Maybe you’ve even been able to get hold of the game for your PS5 via PS+. If not, you’ll have to shell out around €40.

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Realistic battles in modern setting

Insurgency Sandstorm reminds in the trailer how intense the shooter is

What kind of game is this? Insurgency: Sandstorm is the sequel to the cult hit Insurgency. This intense shooter also relies on much more realistic gunplay than Battlefield, but puts you in the modern wartime setting of the Middle East.

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With this setting come many weapons that fans have come to love from games like Battlefield 4 or CoD Modern Warfare. Weapon attachments also play a major role here. Weapon fans should have a lot of fun with this, because as with Hell Let Loose, the bullets are instantly deadly, the HUD elements are sparse and the weapons are stubborn when fired.

What Insurgency: Sandstorm has over Battlefield 2042 or the other alternatives is the choice of game modes. From big battles with vehicles to smaller deathmatch battles reminiscent of the hardcore modes in CoD, everything is offered here. Provided you enjoy a rapid time-to-kill.


  • Intense hardcore shooter
  • Emphasizes team play
  • Many classes and loadout options
  • Numerous, varied game modes
  • New entry is quite pleasant

  • Community can be toxic and exhausting
  • Fast TTK can be frustrating
  • Not a direct Battlefield replacement in the classic sense

Who is the game suitable for? Insurgency: Sandstorm attracts players who enjoy military roleplaying. So on the servers you will always find people who talk in this jargon and issue orders. Anyone who has fun slipping into this role or would like to take part in something like this will get their money’s worth here.

Like Hell Let Loose, however, the game is less of a direct Battlefield replacement and more of an alternative that wants to simulate large battles with specific roles for the soldiers in a more realistic way.

How much does the game cost? Insurgency: Sandstorm currently costs €29.99.

World War 3 – A mix of Battlefield with Call of Duty

World War 3: Trailer for Beta wants to convince Battlefield fans

What kind of game is this? Of all the 3 games mentioned here, the Battlefield inspirations are most noticeable in World War 3. However, it’s also the most immature game from the list, although it has potential. After all, it has better reviews than Battlefield 2042.

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World War 3 also plays in a modern setting, but the locations are more European here. The time-to-kill is very close to what you know from Battlefield.

Up to 40 players can compete in two game modes:

  • Tactical Operations are like Battlefield’s “Conquests” in which two teams of 20 players each have to capture control points.
  • In Team Deathmatch you shoot at each other in teams of 10.

But Battlefield is not the only inspiration for the game from Poland: the loadout menu is reminiscent of Call of Duty in terms of both appearance and content, and there are also CoD-style killstreaks.


  • Fun mixture of Battlefield and CoD
  • Very suitable for casual players
  • Cheap

  • Match search often takes longer
  • Seems uninspired and immature in places
  • Uses its own launcher despite Steam

Who is the game suitable for? If you are looking for the most direct Battlefield clone and also enjoy CoD elements, you should enjoy World War 3. Accordingly, the game also appeals to casual players who want a fairly relaxed round of shooting instead of intensive war simulations.

How much does the game cost? World War 3 is still in Early Access and currently costs €12.99.

Have you already played any of these games? Which of these is your favourite? Or do you have another shooter that you play instead of Battlefield 2042? Tell us in the comments.

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