DDR5 RAM: Teamgroups Elite has the first release date and price

DDR5 RAM: Teamgroups Elite has the first release date and price

from Norman Wittkopf
Teamgroup’s new Elite series DDR5 memory sticks are set to appear soon, but probably only in a limited way for the time being.

Teamgroup had already announced the new DDR5 RAM from the Elite series with a clock rate increased to 5,600 MHz and reduced 1.1 volts outside of the official JEDEC specification in April and now the market launch of the new RAM bars should soon be ready.

Of the various memory sizes and kits of the modules, which, in contrast to the T-Force series, are not equipped with a cooler or extras, there will initially only be a single 16 GB version, starting in July at a recommended retail price of US$ 119.99. Dollar. Amazon in North America is mentioned as a source of supply. Meanwhile, the announcement does not make any announcement about a market launch in this country.

Depending on the area of ​​application, U-DIMM for desktop PCs or SO-DIMM for notebooks are available in different sizes. As usual, there is no information about the latencies in the manufacturer’s announcement, while there is still no listing in the PCGH price comparison. According to the original announcement, 2 × 8, 2 × 16 and 2 × 32 GiB kits will also be released at an unknown time.

Background on DDR5 RAM

In our current market overview, we summarize what needs to be considered when buying RAM and which RAM is worthwhile, based on PCGH’s RAM tests. In the last few weeks and months, the DDR5 kits available on the market have dropped significantly in price. The cheapest DDR5 RAM recently started for 4.68 euros per GB, while at the end of last year the market launch of the new memory standard still cost 11.25 euros per GB. With the upcoming DDR5 support for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors in the wake of Intel’s Alder Lake, prices are likely to drop even further as manufacturers increasingly design their production away from DDR4 RAM.

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