The Quarry: All 4 endings, all 15 paths, all decisions

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The spiritual successor of Until Dawnthe horror hit from the house Supermassive Gameslisten to the name The Quarry. This horror game also confronts you with horrific situations that are dangerous for your characters end fatally but whether a hero dies or not is entirely up to you.

Then all important decisions in the game are hit solely by the players and each time you have decided on a path, the story unfolds a little different. So it is not possible at all in a single pass to have seen all of The Quarry, which I’m sure you did multiple passes aiming at

Because it many ways to explore and you have to reckon with the death of your character if you make a bad decision, we have this for you Guide compiled, in which we you all decisions, all routes and all ends want to imagine it in the survival horror game to discover.

The Quarry: This is how you unlock all paths and decisions

Regardless of the four different endingsthat you can unlock in this horror game are there 15 ways in total to discover. Each of them tells a specific part of the story, but depending on your choice, they can completely different results deliver. These will eventually become permanent on one vhs in the category ways saved.

Is in The Quarry the hint way updated displayed, you have unlocked another such reminder. Click in the menu on the relevant entry and you can review your decision. It is usually between a good decision and a bad decision divided.

In the following table. It probably goes without saying, but the choices below are natural full of spoilersso if you prefer not to let the plot be revealed in advance, stop reading here.

path Chapter decision
Laura & Max prolog Laura has to decide in the storm cellar whether she will help Max or not.
Above the law prolog Laura has to decide in the car whether to lie to the police officer or not.
wasted effort one Jacob must decide how to sabotage the car.
Down the rabbit hole one Abigail must decide to break into the cabin with Emma.
play with the fire Two Emma must decide to take the firecrackers with her.
Be careful, stage! Two Dylan must decide to open the trapdoor in Chris’ office.
pieces of silver Three Abi has to decide whether or not to help Nick.
Whoever finds it, owns it Three When Ryan wanders alone through the woods.
Diversion Four When Jacob is found by the hunter, he must choose whether or not to distract them.
Helping hand Five Ryan must decide whether or not to sever Dylan’s hand.
The White Whale seven Laura must choose between shooting Trevor as she escapes.
team building Eight Dylan and Kaitlyn need to go to the junkyard to find a vehicle.
Lost Love’s Effort Ten Ryan must decide whether to free Jacob from the cage.
A pound of meat Ten Ryan has to decide whether to pull out the knife.
souvenir Two At the campsite, Jacob must find Emma’s bracelet

Fourteen of the listed paths will be unlocked automatically once you have met the listed conditions. Only on the way souvenir you must have found Emma’s bracelet at the campsite to capture this decision on VHS. However there is one more condition.

You have to have said bracelet be sure to find it in Chapter 2. While it’s possible to pick up the bracelet later, it won’t result in the scene you need for your collection. So you should Discover all 15 paths in one run make sure you grab the bracelet in time.

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The Quarry: Unlock all 4 endings in the game

In “The Quarry” there is a total 4 different endingsthat you for the appropriate achievements respectively trophies have to unlock. In order to get them, you have to have witnessed the end of each one, so you have no choice but to take the horror trip to participate four times.

  • All survived
  • None survived
  • Only Kaitlyn survived
  • Only Ryan survived

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All survived

To unlock this ending in The Quarry, you must all nine characters, which you can control yourself, have survived. Other characters in the game are for this finale irrelevantthe Hacketts and similar NPCs are welcome to die, provided that the Main characters stuck through to the end to have. What you have to consider for this path, you will find out as follows:

  • Always help other characters who are injured to save yours sympathy points to increase.
  • Break up with Abigail in Chapter 1 into the hut and take the stuffed animal With. Don’t hide it, though back in the kitchenso Kaitlyn and Nick can escape.
  • Hide with Abigail and Emma in Chapter 1 in which secret room in Hackett’s office.
  • If Jacob sneaks through the forest, you can don’t shoot at the bush.
  • Truns off Dylan’s hand in Chapter 5so that the curse cannot spread.
  • Don’t shoot Trevor in Chapter 7let him live instead.
  • Release Jacob from the cage in Chapter 10without opening the werewolf cage.
  • Don’t pull the knife out of Ryan in Chapter 10otherwise he bleeds to death.
  • Ryan has to be bitten by Laura.
  • Max is not allowed to swim to the other shoreotherwise he will be eaten.

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None survived

Basically, you don’t have to do much to reach this ending. Don’t help other charactersavoid any situation that you sympathy points could contribute sleeps through the quick-time events and let yourself be discovered at every opportunity, then the playable characters will die sooner or later like the flies.

The Quarry Guide: Kaitlyn survives (walkthrough)
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Only Kaitlyn survived

This ending is relatively easy to reach, but you have to some preparations meet, so pretty much everyone but Kaitlyn bites the dust. Follow the list below step by step and you will only one survivor have and get to see the corresponding final.

  • Break into the cabin in Chapter 1 and get it there stuffed animalthen says you want to play a game.
  • After Kaitlyn in Chapter 5 spotted the hunter, the view changes to Abigail, now places the cuddly toy off in the kitchen.
  • Face yourself to Nick optimistic and then hide. Now hold your breath and then sneak awaybecause Abigail leaves her bag.
  • leave now all characters except Kaitlyn die.
  • returns in Chapter 10 back into the hut and hide in the kitchen. Then open the freezing chamber and throw the stuffed animal for distraction in. Now quickly shoot the door and Kaitlyn is there the only survivor.
The Quarry Guide: Ryan survives (solution)
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Only Ryan survived

Ryan is only very hard to kill, so you don’t have to worry about him most of the time. No matter what choices you make up to a point, they don’t affect Ryan’s life or death. The fate of other characters, however, can vary depending on the situation change drastically.

The first time at stake, Ryan’s life is only in Chapter 9, when he was stabbed by Bobby. decide now to put the knife inso that Ryan lives long enough until laura comes on the scene then let her bite youto survive this situation. Albeit at a high price.

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At the End of Chapter 9 it becomes problematic again when the werewolves attack. Just make sure you’re with Ryan Chris Hackett shoot, i.e. the werewolf who is closest to you when the corresponding scene starts. Kill Chris with the silver ammo and the curse is lifted by Laura and Ryan.

You have to fear one last time Chapter 10when Ryan, Laury and Travis Silas encounter. Make sure you raise your weapon and shoots Silas, otherwise he will wake up anyway and kill all three characters. Now all you have to do is get to that final create and all four endings have been unlocked by you.

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