Elden Ring: Player defeats Margit with a real harp

Elden Ring: Player defeats Margit with a real harp

Many things can be used as a controller these days, as Anna Ellsworth impressively demonstrates with her performance in Elden Ring.

Using a real harp as a controller, she has now managed to defeat Elden Ring boss Margit the Fell Omen.

A musical victory

Ellsworth had a video back in April releasedin which she showed how to turn her harp into a controller.

Since then she’s also defeated Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls, now it’s down to Margit in Elden Ring.

Other Elden Ring news:

“A for dodge and G for light attack!”, explained see how the harp controller works. “To my great regret, I don’t have a heavy attack string because I needed that space for other actions. Perhaps the other notes you heard were either forward movement (C), backward movement (F), stop (low G) or healing (low A).”

Also, she can only roll in the direction she’s currently moving. And lag also plays a role: “In terms of lag adjustment, it took some time, but now it’s not that bad”.

Here you can see the fight against Margit:


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