Obsidian Entertainment: Phil Spencer’s reputation was an important factor in the acquisition, says studio boss

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Phil Spencer’s reputation and credibility was an important factor in acquiring Obsidian Entertainment, says the studio boss.

Since November 2018, Obsidian Entertainment has been part of Microsoft and thus one of the 23 Xbox Game Studios that develop games for the Xbox platform.

The fact that there was a takeover at all at that time was thanks to the good reputation of Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

As studio boss Feargus Urquhart talks to IGN told, the role-playing game Avowed was presented to Microsoft at the time, which allegedly resulted in a takeover bid.

At the time, however, Urquhart hardly knew Spencer. However, his enthusiasm for games and honesty were helpful in the decision to take over.

“I didn’t know Phil Spencer well at the time, I probably only spoke to him once or twice […] But the interesting thing about Phil is that he’s that – I don’t know – personality. I don’t want to say “personality” because he’s Phil Spencer and because he directs all Microsoft games. But knowing him now, and what I knew about him then, he had a reputation for being someone who was authentic, who didn’t cheat, and who loved games. And that was trust in him.”

Also helpful in the decision may have been that Urquhart knew Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty and Xbox senior director of business development Noah Musler.

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