Star Wars: Motion Simulator from Brazil

Star Wars (Sonstiges) von Lucas Arts / Disney

Experience heated space battles like in the cockpit of Millennium Falcon or TIE Fighter? A Brazilian provider of motion simulators wants to deliver exactly that. The first scenes of it look promising.

The arcade experts have an exciting project dug up: The “Star Wars Sphere” from the Brazilian company Motion Sphere wants to make space battles and flight sequences from the popular universe tangible in a completely new way. That looks at least as wild and dynamic as Bandai Namcos legendary battle pod arcade machine.

Battlefront & Flight Simulator

Motion Sphere wants to deliver the product to interested amusement arcades, nightlife locations or amusement parks as early as this summer – of course the mock-up cabinet in the trailer (below) still looks very provisional. Technically, however, the whole thing seems to be based on a flight simulator from the company, and can then be equipped with various software. For which the operators of the respective locations would then probably still have to pay for – in view of the licensing jungle in the film sector and Disney’s market power, we still see a few obstacles until real operation.

In theory, you could use the “Star Wars Sphere” to gamble the Beggar’s Canyon mission from Star Wars: Battlefront, but also Star Wars mods for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Motion Sphere wants to offer a small and a large variant, which would then be suitable for three or six “passengers”. It is not yet known what the price will be for arcade operators (or well-heeled private individuals) – but we are assuming a low five-digit amount.

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