Valorant: Your favorite map Split flies out of map rotation

When the gaming community of Valorant disturbed about one thing, then it was probably the extremely strange one Map named Splitwhich has never really been able to provide real gaming fun.

Logical. Breeze and Fracture also cause resentment in the community. But even those responsible Riot Games have recognized that Split needs to be revised. The map should first be removed from the map rotation. But how is this happening now? And how long will it stay that way?

Valorant says goodbye to Split

Noisy official statement give it with the new map name Pearl lately too many in the map rotation. That’s why one has to go.

But the Split story goes back a long way. Since the launch of the game it rained again and again criticism of the map on the part of the players. Mainly due to the fact that it is too defense-heavy. While it has seen some adaptations over time, it hasn’t been enough to make a popular comeback. The map is still hated by the community.

Currently there is seven maps in the rotation. And that will be the case for next season. Act 1, Episode 5 takes off with Pearl and Split will be disabled for now.

Joe “Pearl Hogbash” Lansford von Riot Games thinks seven maps would be ideal, after all, they have to be learned and mastered first:

“Put simply, too many maps to study can feel overwhelming and don’t give some of you a chance to really dig deep into any of them.”

So became with esports organizations decided it was best to keep a seven map pool.

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But why Split? Split is not the most popular map, but Breeze and Fracture are also very unpopular with many. So why did you choose Split? The official statement states that they considered several factors:

“Player sentiment, time since launch, past and future updates, what the map holds in terms of strategic variance, and where Pearl fits in.”

So if we include Breeze and Fracture, they fall due to the alone shorter publication period out of here. That left Split as the unpopular map with the longest release time.

It will then be exciting at the ninth card and whether another of the older maps will then be removed. Or whether it finally does eight in the card rotation will? We will see.

After all, Split shouldn’t disappear completely from the scene. Riot Games says they are in future could return – with “some adjustments”. When that could be planned again remains unanswered.

Patch 5.0 (with Episode 5, Act 1) will be released on June 22, 2022.

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For the time being, we can soon meet with the new Map Pearl Familiarize yourself with an underwater setting. Here on learn more about it.