Ellie Cosplay from Last of Us survives the apocalypse with you

Ellie Cosplay from Last of Us survives the apocalypse with you

This is also 2022 The Last of Us-Franchise is still a true success story: The second part of Naughty Dog’s flagship has only just broken the ten million mark in sales, and one series in progress, for which we have already been able to admire the first pictures of Joel and Ellie.

As was finally officially revealed at the Summer Games Fest after months of rumors, the first part will also appear as remake: Already from the September 2nd you can follow the story of Joel and Ellie with fresh graphics and some new features in The Last of Us Part 1 on the personal computer and the PlayStation 5 enjoy.

A celebration for Last of Us fans: Ellie Cosplay enjoys the celebrations

Fans of the post-apocalyptic two-parter should be delighted with the many new ways to dive back into the world of The Last of Us. Also the Reddit user Camilla_99as cosplayer performing under the name Alhena_Cosplay, wants to be part of the community party and without further ado pulls out the guitar for musical entertainment.

Of course, it fits perfectly with her otherwise really authentic Cosplay by Ellie out The Last of Us Part 2. The outfit matches the video game version, from the denim jacket to the ripped pants and the Converse shoes, and the battered face and the almost self-forgotten pose while playing the guitar make the implementation perfect.

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Alhena_Cosplay also did the background together with the responsible photographer Macu_Photography chosen harmoniously for the costumes: the abandoned ruins with cracked walls and the light-giving window could come straight from the game and make a great cover for the game packaging, as the cosplayer proves with the second photo.

Other cosplays to celebrate

Of course, the Last of Us community isn’t the only place to come up with awesome cosplays. We would also put on a party hat and toast with champagne when we saw this German cosplayer as a female Deadpool variant, the same of course applies to this successful 2B cosplay from Nier Automata.