Glamping: 7 gadgets that will make camping holidays luxurious

Glamping: 7 gadgets that will make camping holidays luxurious

Camping is too uncomfortable for you? Then you should try glamping! What exactly is glamping? The trend brings glamor and camping together, meaning glamorous camping. Don’t worry, it doesn’t contradict itself if you rely on luxurious products for tents and the like. These seven gadgets make glamper dreams come true.

Nanopresso for coffee lovers

When choosing a drink, campers usually have to make compromises. While the good old fully automatic coffee machine stays safe and sound at home, there is often only instant coffee on the go. Nanopresso put an end to it. With the mobile espresso machine, you can also enjoy an espresso outdoors or in a tent, just like in Italy. All you need is the Nanopresso, ground coffee or a coffee pod and your muscle strength. That little bit of luxury is probably allowed, isn’t it?

cost point: about 65 euros

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Autonomous tent with solar power

Do you need shelter from the weather in a small tent? This is unacceptable for glampers. The Autonomous Tent was developed for them. This self-sufficient tent provides its user with a generous 65 to 92 square meters and is operated with solar power.

The electricity powers LED lights, pumps, water filters and an integrated composting system. However, this luxury costs almost as much as mere mortals spend on their own home.

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cost point: depending on size 100,000 to 200,000 US dollars (approx. 87,000 to 174,000 euros)

Inflatable camping sofa with style

Sitting on tree stumps or squatting in a tent – ​​of course, that’s not for glampers either. You want to settle down on a comfortable seat. After all, the 92 square meters in the luxury tent also have to be filled.

That’s no problem with the Blofield inflatable camping sofa. The couch, for example, comes in a classy Chesterfield look. It is also available as a table combo with an inflatable donut-style seat, seating up to six people. The next glamping dinner party is saved.

cost point: Depending on the size and model, 550 to 2,300 euros

Portable record player with a retro look

classic phono turntable
full screen

Retro can be so cool: turntables from Classic Phono.

Image: © Saturn / Classic Phono 2020

The silence at the mountain lake or in the deserted forest gets on the nerves of some after a day at the latest. Glamper take precautions and have their record collection with them. With the mobile portable turntables from Classic Phono in the trendy retro look, even the animals of the forest can convince themselves of the superior audio quality of records. Two built-in speakers provide the necessary sound quality.

Practical: Some models also have a USB connection or Bluetooth and can also play music from your smartphone – in case you forgot your favorite record.

cost point: 50 to 120 euros

Cooking like at home: kitchen table with bamboo table top

Do luxury campers actually cook themselves? We do not know it. But whether they’re trying their hand at culinary creations or bringing their own private chef along, Outwell’s luxury camp kitchen table makes cooking in the tough conditions of camping at least a little more comfortable.

The solid bamboo tabletop and the black-grey fabric covering make it look good. The six pockets, the pull-out holder for a washing-up bowl or a garbage bag, three hooks, a windbreak and, and, and … are practical.

cost point: almost 160 euros

Digital barbecue tongs measure temperature

If you don’t want to do without a good piece of meat when glamping, you have the Man Law Digital Tongs with you. This is digital grilling tongs that smartly tell you when the meat is ready – differentiated according to seven types of meat. You can also preset whether you want to enjoy the steak well done, medium or half raw. This can be done using a meat thermometer built into the tongs. Now there are no more excuses for charred grilled meat.

cost point: 42 US dollars (approx. 36 euros)

Outdoor pizza oven

A highlight for all pizza lovers among the glampers is the Pizzeria Pronto oven. It is of course portable, should be relatively light and can be heated with a propane tank. According to the manufacturer, the pizza is perfectly cooked thanks to innovative technology.

cost point: around 150 euros

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