Pokémon Go: Ultra Beasts at Go Fest – What’s it all about?

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from Sarah Petzold
Those who are live at the Pokémon Go Fest 2022 in Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo can face a special challenge: the Ultra Beasts. We explain to you what these special Pokémon are all about.

Pokémon Go’s GO Fest 2022 is casting its shadow: From July 1st, 2022 to July 3rd, 2022 the motto in Berlin is: Grab them all! Anyone who has gotten a ticket to the live event and is on site during the Go Fest in Berlin (or later in Seattle and Sapporo) can look forward to a special extra. Because, as Niantic has now announced, trainers at Go Fest 2022 will be dealing with the so-called ultra beasts.

Three new Ultra Beasts and a special Poké Ball in sight

The Pokémon Go developers explain what this is all about in an official blog post. As a result, mysterious portals have opened in the sky, the so-called Ultra Gates, through which the Ultra Beasts have found their way from the Ultra Dimension to our world. The Ultra Beasts made their debut a few weeks ago at the start of Go Fest 2022, when new Tier 5 raid boss Anego entered the game.

According to Niantic, a total of three more ultra beasts will find their way into the game at the Live Go Fests in Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo, which players can encounter as part of special research at the respective live event. Specifically, these are the following Mon:

  • Berlin: Schabel
  • Seattle: Masskito
  • Sapporo: Voltriant
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