Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Direct reveals tons of new details

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Direct reveals tons of new details

While many Nintendofans are sitting on hot coals and waiting for a long overdue Nintendo Direct in the course of the non-E3, the Japanese company only served the fans of Xenoblade Chronicles with yesterday’s half-hour presentation. The video was all about the third offshoot of the popular role-playing game series.

The timing is right: after an unexpected advance, appears Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (buy now €59.99) not only as originally planned in September, but already on July 29th – so in about five weeks. The Direct now dived deep into the matter and took a look at the characters, the combat system and much more.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Characters and Story Spotlight

In order to first find the right framework for the Direct to create, the first thing that was introduced was the world and story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In the Aionios titled game world, the nations of Keves and Agnus have been locked in a perpetual war that claims the lives of innocent people every day for quite some time.

Against this background close six characters together, who come from the two camps and on their special mission not only settle the personal differences, but also end the war between the two nations. However, during Xenoblade Chronicles 3 the stories of the two predecessor interwoven, it is apparently also intended to be a good start for franchise newcomers.

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The sprawling world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The true star of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as fans of the first two parts can already guess, is of course the gigantic and varied world. Away from the desolate theaters of war, Aionios offers an impressive natural landscape that invites curious adventurers to explore.

In addition to blooming flora in all shapes and colors, you can also expect a lot of creatures native to Aionios, some of which only peacefully eke out their existence, while others sometimes aggressively defend their territory. So that you don’t get lost while fleeing from colossal monkeys, you can simply use fast travel use for navigation. On the next page Let’s go into the combat system and reveal what’s in the upcoming DLC.

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