Cities Skylines: 12M Sales, Thank You Trailer – News

Cities Skylines: 12M Sales, Thank You Trailer - News

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Cities – Skylines from €23.99 to buy.

The City Builder Cities – skylines has already sold 12 million copies across all platforms since 2015. As a small thank you, the Cities Skylines team has put together a small trailer that you can watch directly below this news item.

Since launching in 2015, the Cities Skylines team has worked to perfect the game experience, releasing 13 expansions and more than ten radio stations and bundles. Modding is another important part of the game. The community has continued to improve this foundation. Thanks to one of the most active modding communities in the world, Cities – Skylines is constantly growing and expanding.

Mariina HallikainenCEO of Colossal Order, had the following to say:

We’re grateful for how active the Cities: Skylines community is, and we’re thrilled that they share their passion for city building games with us. It’s a dream come true that the game has resonated with so many players over the years. We’re always listening to player feedback and we’re working hard to bring even more joy to our fans in the future.

Incidentally, the console version debuted in 2017 first on the Xbox, PS4 and Switch versions followed a year later, and just launched with a Patch for Xbox One and Playsation considered.

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