CoD Warzone: With the latest OP attachment, you run so fast that you would have to be flashed downtown

CoD Warzone: With the latest OP attachment, you run so fast that you would have to be flashed downtown

A new patch in CoD: Warzone often means that something new is a little OP. This is also the case in Season 4. Because if you equip the handle of your gun with some tape, you’ll run faster than the police allow. At least in most German inner cities.

The fastest loadout so far that you could put together in CoD Warzone was in October 2021. You were allowed to run faster than the train with an OTs 9.

But with the latest patch for Season 4, it’s even faster. Along with well-executed slide cancels, you’ll reach an impressive speed of 36 kilometers per hour – and that on foot. That would be enough to trigger a speed camera in a German inner city.

In the trailer you can see, among other things, the picturesque city center of Warzone’s new map, Fortune’s Keep:

CoD Warzone finally shows more of the new map in Season 4 – trailer and pictures of Fortune’s Keep

36 km/h walk thanks to the wrapped grip

Which attachment is it? Warzone experts like JGOD and TrueGameData have discovered that one attachment in CoD Warzone is currently much better than the developers probably wanted: the Taped Grip.

This attachment alone also allows you to easily overtake the previous “Movement Loadouts” with all SMGs from CoD Vanguard. JGOD shows what this looks like in its English video:

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As JGOD also calculated in his video, you can reach a maximum of 36 km/h. Typically, your top walking speed is around 14 mph, so that’s an improvement of over 53%.

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How do I run so fast? But you don’t really have to pay attention to anything. As long as you’re using a Vanguard SMG with the wrapped grip, that impressive top speed is doable. Even lootable weapons that use this attachment are that fast. That’s why TrueGameData calls this attachment the “Most OP Attachment Ever!” (via YouTube)

In order for this to really work at the maximum speed, you have to master the slide cancels. Here we explain how this advanced movement technique works:

CoD Warzone: How does the slide cancel work and why should everyone master it?

Warzone expert recommends additional attachments for maximum speed

How to create the strong sprint setup: In the video linked above, JGOD also recommends up to two more essays. You can use these in addition to the strong wrapped grip:

  • underflow: Mark VI skeleton
  • Skill: momentum
  • Extra: Fast (English: Quick)

With these attachments you get the absolute maximum out of it. With Momentum you will be faster after a kill for a short time, with Schnell your sprint speed will increase in general. For SMGs, however, you should always use Mark VI Skeleton and Wrapped Hilt. This is how you become the absolute top sprinter on maps like Fortune’s Keep.

Depending on how well you handle your weapon’s recoil, you can also select additional attachments for your weapon of choice that increase your speed. But JGOD also says that you shouldn’t always take them. If you have a gun with bad recoil, you’d better get attachments that reduce it.

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If you want to know which weapons are the best in Warzone right now, you should check out our list of the best Warzone weapons. We update these regularly:

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