Twitch streamer bids live on legendary sword from the WoW film – freaks out at an expensive bid

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Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo (27) participated in a live auction on his stream and bid over €9,000 for a prop from the film Warcraft: The Beginning (2016), set in the Warcraft universe, which was only developed through three strategy games and later made famous by the MMORPG World of Warcraft. He totally freaked out when he bid on King Llane’s sword.

Who is Mizkif? The Twitch streamer started his career in 2018 as a cameraman for the streamer Iceposeidon. He now has his own successful channel with 2 million followers on Twitch.

He streams a lot of Just Chatting content, but also plays games. The focus is primarily on Nintendo games and World of Warcraft.

This is how Mizkif got the WoW sword

Where did Mizkif buy the wow sword? The Propstore Auction website offers props from well-known films for sale. The sword of King Llane (played by Dominic Cooper) from Warcraft: The Beginning (2016) was auctioned off in a live auction.

King Llane was king of the realm of Azeroth in the world of Warcraft during the war. Image source: Wowhead

How did the auction go? Again and again Mizkif is outbid. Once the streamer said he wouldn’t go any higher, but then he did and finally got hold of the WoW sword.

  • The auction begins: Mizkif’s starting bid is around €5,700
  • Outbid at €6,200 and €6,700
  • Mizkif bids €7,100
  • Another bidder raises the price to €7,600
  • Mizkif goes to €8,100 and says he won’t go any higher
  • Is outbid with 8600 €, Mizkif is angry, insults the bidder
  • €9,000, Mizkif eagerly awaits and buys the sword

How did Mizkif react to his purchase?

When the auction ended, the streamer completely freaked out. Eagerly, Mizkif jumped up and shouted, “$500 saved! I have King Llane’s sword!”

Here on Twitch, you can see the streamer’s emotional reaction:

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He then explained that he had been waiting for exactly this sword for several hours. He had set the maximum limit for his bid at $10,000 (equivalent to €9,500).

€9,000 for a film prop is quite a high price. However, every film fan and collector will probably be able to understand Mizkif’s joy all too well.

It’s not uncommon for Twitch streamers to spend large sums of money on certain purchases in their videos.

A recent example is the well-known Twitch streamer Quin69. This put €15,000 into Diablo Immortal only to have the character deleted in the same stream.

What do you think of spending so much money on a prop? Write us!

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