Warzone: Cheater wants to snap celebrity streamers, but is humiliated by anti-cheat

Warzone: Cheater wants to snap celebrity streamers, but is humiliated by anti-cheat

A nasty hacker wanted to terrorize the new Season 4 in Warzone. But the anti-cheat system provides the deserved punishment.

Santa Monica, California – The new season has started in Warzone. This attracts streamer celebrities to the Call of Duty Battle Royale. A cheater wants to spoil the round for the professional TimTheTatman, but instead the cheater becomes a defenseless victim and collects unfiltered frustration. The anti-cheat program in Warzone Season 4 is so tough.

name of the game Call of Duty Warzone
Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publishers Activision
series Call of Duty
developer Raven Software
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter, battle royale

Warzone: cheater flies up live – “you don’t hack us anymore”

This happened to the pro: TimTheTatman has long been one of the biggest Twitch streamers around but is now signed to YouTube. To celebrate the start of the new Season 4 in Warzone, the shooter professional is on the new map “Fortune’s Ceep”. He then records a powerful moment in which he releases accumulated frustration.

In the middle of the fight, the streamer stops and yells “cheater“. He then runs to the cheater, stands in front of him and takes a lot of hits, but doesn’t go down. The cheater realizes that he’s suddenly completely defenseless, but then has to give in to a tirade from the humble.

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This is how the streamer humiliates the cheater: While the cheater tries by all means to get rid of TimTheTatman, the pro just stays calm and starts his humiliation. He then throws at the caught cheater all the frustration about cheaters that he (and other honest Warzone players) have collected since 2020:

  • You don’t learn it, you don’t do it, do you?” TimTheTatman laughs at the defenseless cheater
  • Ricochet works, dude. You can’t hack us anymore‘ it echoes triumphantly
  • This isn’t Verdansk anymore! We have left those times behind!“ sounds as a reference to the first map of Warzone, which was plagued by cheaters.

To crown it all, he grabs the cheater, who is running around wildly. With a finisher, the hacker, who has now become a victim, smashes against the wall – game over. Meanwhile, the voice chat is having a great time.

Check out the nearly one-minute video here on Twitter:

Anti-Cheat in Warzone: That’s behind RICOCHET

Why is the cheater defenseless? After Warzone had been struggling with cheaters and hackers since its release, Activision presented the solution at the end of 2021: “RICOCHET” – that’s the name of Warzone’s anti-cheat system.

The special thing about Ricochet is that caught cheaters are not kicked out directly. Instead, you will be penalized. So if the system detects a cheater in your lobby, the hacker has to be prepared for such actions:

  • Cheaters will have their weapons taken away mid-match – yes, even their fists (disarm)
  • Honest players become invisible to cheaters, so the cheater can no longer find victims (cloaking)
  • Cheaters cause no or only minimal damage (Damage Shield)
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In the clip by TimTheTatman, the “Damage Shield” takes effect. So the streamer can stay in the hail of bullets and does not take any real damage. The cheater only realizes the whole thing with time. He doesn’t get an in-game message about the penalty.

Warzone anti-cheat software

© Activision/unsplash (montage)

That’s why cheaters aren’t banned immediately? Raven Software, the current developers of Warzone know only too well how much honest players suffered from cheaters in the past. Thanks to the anti-cheat, the cheaters who have been degraded to a laughingstock should serve to reduce frustration – just like the pros do.

Will cheaters be a problem in Warzone in the future? Another reason for the cheater penalties is that the immediate ban would be a faster way though. With Ricochet you keep the disarmed cheater in the lobby longer and learn about his cheat programs. This is how the anti-cheat should be prepared for the future.

Because, even if clips like the one above are funny, you will probably never catch all cheaters in Warzone. New hacks are constantly coming out that want to screw up the rounds of honest players. Even in big events, people cheat diligently in Warzone: cheaters exposed live in the tournament – ​​embarrassing excuses in the live stream.

List of rubrics: © Activision/unsplash (montage)