Only 99 cents: now rent over 1,000 films cheaply from Amazon Prime Video

Only 99 cents: now rent over 1,000 films cheaply from Amazon Prime Video

For Prime members, Amazon now has a huge selection of different films to rent at low prices. However, it is not known how long the campaign will last.

Now straight to the action at Amazon

This is offered: As part of the current campaign for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, you can over 1,000 different films to be chosen for only 99 cents as a stream can be borrowed and otherwise usually cost several euros.

Altogether one has then after the beginning of the lending 30 days timeto start the movie and then 48 hours after the movie starts to finish watching the movie.

As usual, there are various titles to choose from different genres and years of productionwhereby the following list is an example for more recent productions:

Now for an overview at Amazon

Prime subscription only

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, you can use the service test free for 30 days and if you don’t like it, you can easily cancel it before the deadline.

Also included are more advantages at Amazonsuch as faster shipping or access to other online services, including and Amazon Music.

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Try it now for free: Amazon Prime

More offers

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