Is 16TB enough hard drive for you? This refurb is down to $200

a screenshot of drive info, complete with anime girl theme for some reason

Looking to load up on storage? Seagate’s enterprise-grade 16TB 7200RPM Exos X16 HDDs are down to $200 when you buy a manufacturer refurbished unit at Amazon USA.

That’s $73 cheaper than a new equivalent, and the drives come with a 90-day ‘Amazon renewed guarantee’. This means that you can check the drive’s actual usage and performance using tools like CrystalDiskInfo, and keep it only if you’re happy with it.

Most refurbished drives tend to be ones that have been barely used, and verifying this is as easy as loading up an app to see what power on count and power on hours are reported by the SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) system embedded on every drive. If the drive reports any errors or a high usage time, then you can just return the drive. This $200 price is for drives that is in ‘excellent condition’, so getting customer service on your side is pretty straightforward in my experience!

A screenshot of drive info in CrystalDiskInfo, complete with an anime theme for some reason.

So why this drive in particular? Well, apart from the massive capacity, this drive is part of Seagate’s enterprise lineup, with a relatively high 7200RPM rotation speed and generous 256MB cache. Hard drives are still massively slower than SSDs, especially when it comes to access times, but in turn they’re also an order of magnitude more expensive when it comes to high capacity options. To get 16TB of SSD storage, you’d be looking at Two Samsung 870 Qvo drives that cost $700 eachso I’d definitely go with the HDD option here!

In any case, if you like having a very large game collection on hand – or you just want to keep a digital copy of every record, CD, videotape and DVD you own – then this is an awesome amount of storage for the money.

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