Paladins: Six RWBY characters now playable

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Team RWBY around leader Ruby Rose and her ally Qrow face the evil witch Salem in Paladins.

Players can now transform into the protagonists of Rooster Teeth’s RWBY animated series in the biggest crossover event in hero shooter Paladins to date.

Team RWBY’s four Slayers are unlockable as skins in the crossover pass, Blake Belladonna as Saati, Yang Xiao Long as Imani, and Weiss Schnee as Furia. Ruby Rose Vora, armed with her infamously deadly scythe, is unlocked directly upon purchase of the RWBY Crossover Pass. In order to level up the pass, it is enough to play enough matches in Paladins. In addition to the skins, there are numerous other matching cosmetic items that can be unlocked, some of them completely free.

Qrow Branwen is available as a skin for Corvus in the new RWBY chest – and the evil witch Salem is also not far away: As a skin for Seris, she will strike fear into her enemies. Alternatively, both skins can be unlocked directly with crystals.

All six characters bring their weapons known from the series, for example Blake Belladonna fights with the “Gambol Shroud” and Weiss Schnee with the “Myrtenaster”. Some of the skins were even dubbed by the voice actresses known from the series. Here there are still Patch Notes.

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