Women belong in the kitchen – Twitch bans Greekgodx for derogatory statements

Greekgodx makes sexist comments on stream

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Streamer Greekgodx caused quite a stir in one of their recent streams. Twitch has now banned him for his sexist statements.

Ormskirk, England – Women belong in the kitchen – at least that’s what the English streamer Greekgodx thinks. He gave an angry speech on Twitch about how his future wife should keep the house clean while he streams and makes the money. Twitch drew consequences from this and banned the streamer just a few hours later.

Full name Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos
birthday October 6, 1992
Residence Ormskirk, England
first stream 2011
subscribers 380,000 (YouTube)

The streamer makes it clear on Twitch: His wife takes care of the household

These views brought the Twitch ban: On June 28, Greekgodx gave a shirtless speech on his stream, explaining that his bride-to-be should cook and clean while he streams. The stream is no longer available on Twitch, but one is You can find a snippet of the video here.

Women belong in the kitchen – Twitch bans streamers for derogatory statements © Greekgodx

“Streaming is over for you!” With this statement he would like to prepare his potential partners for the fact that they will be allowed to spend their time in the kitchen in the future. Because while he streams and thus also earns money, his wife should cook, clean and take care of the children. Greekgodx expects his house to be “damn clean” since he lets his future wife live there after all.

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Greekgodx tries to justify itself: With the statement “Believe me or not, streaming is a psychological burden for me”, the streamer tries to defend his outdated claims. However, Twitch does not seem to be satisfied with this and bans the streamer indefinitely. Hereby Greekgodx collects his third ban.

Who is Greekgodx anyway? Streamer Greekgodx is a veteran of the streaming world, active since 2011 and starting his career alongside LoL player Tyler1. In 2019, he also became known for his extreme weight loss. In recent years, however, he has come under more and more criticism and his number of viewers has also decreased. The streamer currently has around 3,500 viewers, which is 46 percent fewer than in the previous year.

The Twitch streamer is criticized and rows back on Twitter

Greekgodx faces backlash on Twitter: The streamer received a lot of criticism on Twitter for his very explicit statements about the distribution of roles in a relationship. Now Greekgodx is trying to present itself a little better. On Twitter he writes that he would of course also take over the household if his wife earns more money than he does.

However, he did not say a word about it in his stream. But one thing is for sure, during his Twitch ban he can now also focus on the household.

Twitch ban after misogynistic slogan – MontanaBlack also affected

Twitch ban after reprehensible statements: Greekgodx isn’t the only one getting a Twitch ban for misogynistic comments. The German streamer MontanaBlack has also had to take several forced breaks in the past after violating the platform’s guidelines. At that time, he compared women with dogs in a stream and received a big shitstorm for it. However, the ban was for another action.

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Another time MontanaBlack filmed women during his vacation in Malta and streamed it live. For this, Twitch imposed a ban of 33 days on him.