Destiny 2: Sometimes a Guardian just needs to go off with a Mic Drop

Destiny 2: Adaptive Munitions - the hot shit against elemental shields (1)

from Susan Brown
That’s how it is in the life of the Destiny 2 Guardians: Particularly eloquent or funny speeches must be completed with the appropriate emote. It’s a good thing that as a customer of Amazons Prime Gaming you can currently grab the Emote Mic Drop “for free”!

Destiny 2 is one of those games where not only your performance matters, but also your looks. Well, at least emotionally. In most cases, it is primarily the skill that counts in PvE and PvP ^^ But like in hardly any other game, the players behind the guardians define and identify themselves with the appearance of their alter ego.

That includes her meanwhile about the armor synthesis can put together the perfect look at any time – this is to a certain extent the transmogrification known from WoW. And the perfect outfit in the perfect situation also means that particularly spectacular or funny deeds are accompanied by a matching emote. And the ultimate universal emote for the Destiny 2 Guardian of the World is the Mic Drop!

Mic Drop “free” via Prime Gaming in July 2022

Are you still missing the Mic Drop emote in your almost endless collection of emotes and you happen to be a customer of Amazon Prime and Prime Gaming? Then off you go Website for the Destiny 2 Prime drop in July 2022. Because then you can not only get the Emote Mic Drop for Destiny 2 (buy now €19.50) but also the Exotic Ghost “Canopus Hull”, the Exotic Sparrow “Cleaned Up” and the Legendary ship “Quantum Cartographer”.

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