Coming soon to Steam: In The Constructors you are the manager of a construction company

Coming soon to Steam: In The Constructors you are the manager of a construction company

from Rhonda Bachman
In The Constructors, players must restore the town of Wondersville to its former glory. As the owner of a construction company, you are literally rebuilding the city brick by brick. Not only does the neighborhood have to be taken care of, but angry demonstrators may also have to be dealt with.

Last June, the simulation The Constructors was presented at the PC Gaming Show 2022. The players take on the role of the owner of a construction company and have to take care of the construction of an entire city. It is not yet known when the game will be released. Interested parties can, however, browse the associated shop page on Steam.

Build a city, get permits and deal with unloved customers

However, the life of a contractor in The Constructors is no picnic either. Because as a boss, you have to plan the designs yourself, adapt them to the customer’s wishes and choose the right building materials. However, this also requires repelling hostile investors who are trying to use their connections with the mayor. In addition, the construction work and especially the workers want to be monitored.

Before the big construction project can start, however, the boss first has to do all the paperwork. This also includes, for example, obtaining the necessary permits. In addition, dissatisfied or difficult customers make life difficult. If you don’t follow the rules or circumvent environmental concerns, you’ll quickly have a horde of demonstrators who can paralyze work on the construction site.

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The Constructors is distributed by publisher Frozen District, who are also responsible for the quirky home renovation simulator House Flipper. In the game you buy dilapidated properties in order to fix them up and resell them for a profit. House Flipper caused a real hype on Steam when it was released in 2018.

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