Genshin Impact Leak: Sumeru Fighters Dehya and Nilou Go Wild and Elegant!

Genshin Impact Leak: Sumeru Fighters Dehya and Nilou Go Wild and Elegant!

A new Genshin Impact leak shows even more characters from the future Sumeru region: The fighters Dehya and Nilou could be added in the Dendro kingdom.

You know it from Genshin Impact: Characters are almost always leaked online in advance. In the case of Sumeru, there were so many that by now every possible character from the new area was showing somewhere. Two of them are Dehya and Nilou, of whom there were new, leaked impressions and the two are a contrast like fire and water.

This fits perfectly with the Sumeru fighters Dehya and Nilou and not only because the two could become quite the opposite in terms of character and appearance. In fact, Dehya is likely to be a fiery pyro character and Nilou an elegant hydro swordsman, both of which are gradually coming into play with the new Sumeru region. This is what the two look like:

Among the leaked characters from Twitter channels like “Genshin Mains” are Dheya and Nilou, for example, but also the long-awaited Dendro characters, which bring a new element into the game. One of them would be the archer Collei, who has been a topic of conversation in the community for a long time. Also among the first characters in the new element are Nahida, Tighnari, and Al Haitham.

Among the characters that have been leaked from “Genshin Mains”, for example, has been the mysterious Dendro character Yaoyao from Liuye for a while, who has been circulating on the net for a long time but has never come into play.

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More Genshin Impact news:

In general, however, the character leaks in Genshin should always be treated with caution, after all, these are not official announcements and, especially recently, some on the Internet have been cheekily exploiting the anticipation of Sumeru to circulate fake leaks of figures , which in truth only showed fanart.