New PS5 firmware update is live today, bringing more ALLM options

The update is already available for you.

The update is already available for you.

If you own a PS5, you can now look forward to a firmware update. version 22.01-05.50.00 includes new ALLM options and improves system performance.

This is in it: If you have a TV with an ALLM function, you can choose between two different options in the future. Incidentally, the abbreviation stands for “Auto Low Latency Mode” and improves communication between the console and your TV.

How big is the download? The update has a size of 1,061GB.

How can you download the update? You can of course download it directly from the console. To do this, go to the “Settings” area, select “System”, then “System software” and click on “Update and system software settings”. There you will see that the update is available. You can also download it from the website and drag it to the console with an external storage medium. Here is the support page.

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What are the ALLM options and how do they work?

If your display supports ALLM, you can adjust the settings by navigating the menu as follows:

  • settings
  • screen and video
  • video output
  • ALLM

Now you have two options. either you choose”automatically“: Then the TV automatically switches to ALLM mode. Or you select “out“. Then ALLM is only active on videos with variable refresh rate (VRR).

By the way, only TVs and monitors with HDMI 2.1 support ALLM through the PS5.

Have you already downloaded the firmware update and what do you think of it?

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