Netflix: Stranger Things makers film cult anime Death Note

With the resounding success of the mystery series StrangerThings plan the Duffer brothers now with one own series universe all about the events of Hawkins and the gloomy, shadowy world of Upside Down. A first spin off was already confirmed some time ago, further productions are to be at Netflix follow.

In addition, the two series creators Matt and Ross Duffer have their own production studio with the appropriate name Upside Down Pictures was founded and are to be part of an extensive deal more projects for Netflix design. This includes one new Death Note series. However, the first details are still few and far between.

Death Note: After the film flop, it should judge a new series

Netflix already got involved in one a few years ago Adaptation of the Japanese cult manga and anime tried and brought im year 2017 released a first live-action film, Death Note, starring Nat Wolff and Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, the god of death. Film adaptation by director Adam Wingard met with little approval from the fans of the original and was punished with scathing reviews.

Nevertheless, the streaming provider seems to believe in another film adaptation and is now commissioning the successful Duffer brothers to adapt a series – the two series creators are very familiar with mystery peppered with horror elements, which proves the incredible success of “Stranger Things”.

What is Death Note about? In the dark original, a mysterious book falls into the hands of a young student that was placed in the human world by the Shinigami – the Japanese god of death or spirit of death. The young Light Yagami quickly realizes that this is no ordinary book: if he writes a name in it, death will soon follow…

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Stephen King film adaptation and other series projects for Netflix

In addition to “Death Note”, the two series makers are also planning a Stephen King film adaptation The Talisman implement. We remember, in the finale of the 4th season “Stranger Things” Lucas reads to the comatose Max at the hospital bed from this work of the horror master.

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In the future, it will also be part of this celebrated mystery series “Stranger Things”. Broadway play give – so it will be interesting to see what else the Duffer brothers and Netflix come up with in the context of the series universe.

Meanwhile, this year is still going final 5th season of “Stranger Things” in production, but a start is not planned 2024 on Netflix planned.