Fuel Point: Diablo Immortal starring Dennis Hilla and John – News

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July 9, 2022 – 21:05 — Last updated 46 minutes ago

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The newest installment in the time-honoured monster shredder hunt called Diablo Immortal is on everyone’s lips. Some saw it in advance as a pure penny grave, with which Blizzard would like to draw the last cent out of the piggy banks of the poor youth. The others hoped for a legitimate successor Diablo 3. Now it’s out and the dust of the first few days has still not settled.

They want a chance like that gas point course not to be missed: While Dennis Hilla from GamersGlobal Luckily for the much-needed, albeit privately expressed expertise, the GamersGlobal user podcast sends in its truffle… er… its troll pig John into the podcast. As a self-confessed and well-known constant complainer with crude theses, he will surely tear up the free-to-play concoction in the air?!

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