Logan Paul reveals how he got his hands on the most expensive Pokémon card

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Logan Paul is not only a very successful YouTuber, boxer and professional wrestler, but also a passionate Pokémon card collector. Maybe something to addicted passionately, as he himself admitted. With his YouTube millions, he is chasing after the most expensive Pokémon cards and has fallen flat on his face when he hopes for a 1st Edition Charizard bought a 1st Edition Base Set for $3.5 million… which turned out to be fake.

Because he wants to be the very best, just like the main Pokémon character Ash, Logan Paul wants to be the Pokémon collector with the most valuable card in the world – the Pikachu Illustrator in perfect condition (PSA 10).

What makes the card so valuable?

In 1998, Pokémon Magazine Coro Coro Comic announced a Pokémon drawing contest, in which 39 winners won the Pokémon card Pikachu Illustrator. According to trading card reviews page PPE 20 Pikachu Illustrators have been rated worldwide. Only one of them has the perfect 10/10. And that’s exactly what Logan Paul grabbed. He shows how this came about in his story on YouTube.

This is how Logan Paul got the most valuable Pokémon card in the world

During his Wrestlemania appearance, Logan Paul wore the world’s most valuable Pokémon card around his neck. However, the card was not easy to acquire. Just establishing contact with the owner was difficult, but somehow Paul managed to get him Bid $4 million. However, after the owner slept a night over the offer, he declined the offer.

Four months passed and the Pikachu Illustrator card just couldn’t let go of Logan Paul. He was able to contact the seller again through a Pokémon trading card expert. However, the price tag had increased in the meantime. Of the Price for the unique Pokémon card was now 6 million dollars.

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The deal also had a twist: If Paul finds and sends the buyer a PSA 9 Pikachu Illustrator (of which there are said to be eight in the world), he would drop the price from $6 million to $4 million. But with his large network of collectors, that shouldn’t be a problem. After a trip to London and Italy, he met the dealer and purchased the Pikachu Illustrator card (PSA 9) for $1.25 million.

Retailer reveals $15 million Pokémon collection

The meeting for the purchase of the Pikachu Illustrator PSA 10 took place in Dubai. The owner wants to remain anonymous and sent a dealer along with his enormously valuable Pokémon collection to the meeting. There are many variants of Pikachu in the rare collection, including hand-drawn versions of Pikachu who Mitsuhiro Arita made. Mitsuhiro Arita is one of the oldest and most well-known Pokémon illustrators.