Do you remember the very first Exo that you could build yourself in Destiny?

Do you remember the very first Exo that you could build yourself in Destiny?

Throughout Destiny’s history, there have been a total of 141 Exotic Weapons that Wardens have been able to add to their collections. However, there are only two exo-weapons that you were allowed to forge yourself. We’ll show you which gun took the first step and what it was capable of.

Where is the gun from? To know the weapon, you must have been in the old days of Destiny 1 in the Darkness Lurks DLC. In this DLC, the Guardians had to contend with what was then a new Hive threat on the moon.

Crota, the son of Oryx and the notorious Scharprince, has destroyed countless Guardians on the moon and your task was to finish him off once and for all. It’s a good thing that with the DLC, an inconspicuous weapon that was initially considered useless by Hive Knights, the “Blades of Crota”, was dropped: the “Coating of the Pit”.

Pit Mantle – A common weapon

This weapon turned out to be a real find of luck and required the keepers to refine the gun one by one, eventually upgrading it to exotic status.

This post is about Exos, which you receive as a normal weapon and have converted to Exos yourself with your actions. This only counts weapons that you had to have in your inventory from start to finish – the weapon must have stayed with you at all times in order to evolve through your experience.

Common weapons become Exos

What’s so special about it? Exotic weapons come from Bungie with fixed perks and an intrinsic, unique trait that gives the Exo its distinctive character.

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So Guardians can’t manipulate or alter an Exo, they’re Exotic from the start and don’t change their rarity. However, two exceptions allowed players to hold an ordinary weapon in their hands and they could create an exotic thanks to the light or with the power of darkness.

Since the forge was released in Witch Queen, let’s clarify that we don’t mean this form of building and forging. We’re talking about a special mechanic that Bungie has only used twice. With it, the Keepers were able to upgrade an ordinary weapon to exotic status.

How could the casing of the pit be upgraded? First, the Keepers had to infuse the withered Pit Mantle artifact with suffering and death. A lot of swarm opponents had to be dealt with for this.

If you have filled the cannibalism perk with many dead horde opponents, you still had to purchase an embalming orb from Eris.

However, this could only be bought once you had leveled up to level 3 in its faction, “Crota’s Bane”. After that, the pit’s shroud was transformed into Eidolon Ally, a Legendary Auto Rifle.

Destiny Eidolon Ally
Eidolon Ally – The legendary form of the Necrochasm

Now Guardians had to upgrade their legendary weapon again. If all perk fields were unlocked by XP or light particles, only the crux of Crota had to come. However, this item could only be obtained in the hard mode of the Crota raid.

So in order to get the crux, Crota, the final boss, had to be destroyed. Here, too, Guardians had to rely on their luck, as the item was not a guaranteed drop. If you were unlucky, you had to run the raid more often and weekly.

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However, players encouraged the unlucky Guardians with a trick to get the Krux with a higher probability. The glowing shader “Glueeeeee” should be equipped to bless the Wardens. It was rumored that this would be a better way to get the RNG on your side.

But if you got the crux, you can socket the item into the Eidolon ally to eventually build the Necrochasm. A fast-firing arc auto rifle that struck fear into the hearts of many players.

Destiny Necrochasm
A cool and popular weapon – The full-fledged Necrochasm

What made the Necrochasm so special? The Necrochasm was an auto rifle and one of the first weapons to be acquired with an element in the primary slot. In addition, the rate of fire was overwhelming.

In 2.9 seconds, you could drop an entire clip on your opponent and then quickly reload. If you killed your opponent with a headshot, they would explode with a scream like cursed Thralls.

Especially in PvP, this weapon was feared because it could send opponents to their graves in the blink of an eye. However, the weapon was not granted to everyone, because at that time players had to own the Gjallarhorn to be taken on a raid.

Which weapon could still be built? The second weapon that could be built was the Lumina. The uncorrupted form of the Thorn. This weapon was tied to a quest in Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence that you could also forge using the legendary “Rose” hand cannon.

What do you think of the Necrochasm? Would you like to have them in your collection in Destiny 2 or did you find the quest lame and do you like the current exo missions better? Let us know what you think of the mechanics!

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