GTA 6 has yet to exceed expectations, says Rockstar

GTA 6development studio Rockstar Games is already under immense pressure to ensure the success of GTA 5 to repeat again. But the people behind one of the most successful games of all time want to exceed fans’ already very high expectations. The next part should be the best possible.

GTA 6 must exceed expectations, believes Rockstar

Welcome to the hype: Rockstar Games pushes the expectations of its own game to even higher heights. there is GTA 6 anyway already one of the games, fans have been eagerly awaiting for years. The hype already knows no bounds, although we know almost nothing about the title. But at least there is heaps of supposed leaksrumors and speculation:

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Expectations must be exceeded: Rockstar Games has posted a post of its own official site recently made a real sweeping move. It was about that End of Red Dead Online in favor of GTA Online and GTA 6around new content for GTA Onlinewhich should come soon – and also very briefly about the long-awaited sequel “GTA 6”.

What does Rockstar say exactly? As time went on there were more and more Reallocated development resources to work on the next Grand Theft Auto game been. That’s because the developer studio understood more than ever been that the Players’ expectations had to be exceeded. Of the next franchise part should be the bestwho he can be.

Given the currently very, very high expectations works this statement a bit daring. We can only hope that Rockstar Games doesn’t miscalculate and overestimate itself. Above all but let’s hope that no one has to suffer from it and not obliging it again Overtime, crunch time and enormous stress for the developers, as it comes with Red Dead Redemption 2 was the case.

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What are your expectations for GTA 6 and do you think Rockstar can exceed them? Tell us in the comments.