Ms. Marvel: We explain to you the ending & the post-credit scene of the MCU series

spoiler alert

Warning, massive spoilers follow: With Ms. Marvel started six weeks ago the most recent decoupling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Disney+. Today culminated Kamala Khans first adventure in its grand finale and its end held a huge surprise ready!

Kamala’s powers have a very special origin

At the beginning of the MCU series, Kamala found an old bracelet, which she put on. As she found out a little later, the piece of jewelry seems to give her superpowers, or rather: it seems, according to her boyfriend Bruno to activate the powersthat have always slumbered deep within her.

A few episodes later, the next revelation finally followed, because then it was revealed to Kamala that she was actually not a normal person, but a clandestine. This group of beings is original from another dimension and was often mistaken for Djinn. Because of their lineage, our junior superheroes can noorso to speak, light energy.

However, that’s not all, because the final regular scene of “Ms. Marvel” held one special surprise ready. In it, Bruno explains to Kamala that he examined her blood and discovered something unusual – a mutation. That’s right, our young heroine is a mutant! Not only that, she’s also the first mutant we’ve come across MCU-earth-616 to get to know.

Incidentally, this revelation was underlined by a very special piece of music: A version of the Theme songs from the classic cartoon X-Men: The Animated Series could be heard at that moment. It’s also a distinct difference from the comics, because Kamala was still in it an inhuman.

Kamala uses her superpowers © Marvel Studios/Disney

In the best MCU tradition, of course, there was also a post-credit scene who had another reveal in store for viewers: an appearance from Kamala’s great Avengers idol!

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Is Captain Marvel going in search of Kamala?

In the extra scene, which is just over 20 seconds long, we see Kamala and her bracelet suddenly to shine begins. She is then thrown into her closet and shortly thereafter rises Captain Marvel out of here! Here may Brie Larsonthe performer of the superheroine, make a small cameo.

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has a small cameo © Marvel Studios/Disney

It seems like Kamala has her personal superhero Carol Danvers swapped places. The bracelet seems our main character so to us teleported to an unknown location and having brought Captain Marvel to Earth. Here’s the sequel to that Movie The Marvelsprepared.

Not too much is currently known about the story of the upcoming MCU offshoot. The only thing that is certain is that alongside Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan also Monica Rambeau will be there. The movie is scheduled for July 28, 2022 start.

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