Test overview for Stray: The cat adventure for PS5 gets moderately good ratings

Stray also gets the international press purring.

Stray also gets the international press purring.

Today, July 19th, Stray, an exclusive action-adventure, will be released for the PlayStation 5. The embargo has fallen and, in addition to our own test, a number of international reviews have already been published. We tell you how the cat simulator performs on Metacritic and Opencritic.

Stray, as a cat, lets us explore a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been replaced by robots. Our task is to find out more about the way of life in AI society, to solve small environmental puzzles and ultimately to find a way out of the city.

Stray in the international rating table

  • Metacritics: 84
  • Opencritic: 84

Stray comes at both Metacritic as well as at Opencritic to a very good 84 out of 100 points, with 69 or even 94 reviews from well-known portals.

At Metacritic, scores range from half a dozen perfect 100-point tests down to a handful of 60-point tests. However, most ratings are in the 80 to 90 range. 59 tests have a score in the green area and only 10 scores are in the middle yellow area. This puts Stray in ninth place on Metacritic of all PS5 games released this year. A big hit for the little indie game.

Here you get a test overview with the ratings of some major portals:

In the test video you can see Stray in action:

Stray really is one of the most beautiful games of the year - and it's really good too


Stray really is one of the most beautiful games of the year – and it’s really good too

These are the main pros and cons of the reviews

Cons: Stray comes from relatively small Blue Twelve Studio and indie publisher Annapurna Interactive. Accordingly, the game is relatively short, even if that doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative point.

Some critics complain that the studio didn’t succeed in making the relatively short playing time varied. There is also criticism that many things in Stray are relatively good but nothing is really exceptionally good. According to Attack of the Fanboy, this means that the title often “loses itself in its own identity”.

Find out why Stray is the perfect cat simulator in the big GamePro test:

An adventure that makes us purr


Stray under test

An adventure that makes us purr

Per: Despite the negative reviews, the game mostly gets a lot of praise from the press. The basic feline gameplay, in particular, just seems fun. Slipping into the fur of the four-legged friend and sneaking through the robot metropolis picked up most of the reviewers. Stray is “indie in size but AAA in quality,” writes VG247, and most reviews seem to agree with the portal on this point.

Have you already been able to play Stray – what do you think of the ratings?


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