PCGH-News 07/15: Specs table of RTX 4000 and RX 7000 leaked and strange subscription model for seat heating

PCGH-News 07/15: Specs table of RTX 4000 and RX 7000 leaked and strange subscription model for seat heating

from Leo Smith
As expected, rumors have surfaced again – of course about the upcoming graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD. The upcoming i9-13900K hasn’t even been announced yet, but the first performance tests are already circulating in Chinese forums. And how about another subscription? This time for a warm butt, because BMW curiously offers seat heating as a subscription. Also, the long-awaited Battlefield 3 reality mod is coming soon! This is the PCGH news of the week!

Leaker with new specs table for Geforce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000

AMD’s RDNA 3 and Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace are long-awaited new graphics cards that have already been the subject of many rumours. Both generations have a relatively high power consumption and at the same time high performance. In the case of RDNA 3, a chiplet design is also assumed, which should be cheaper to manufacture than a huge monolithic die. From this point, most rumors differ in many points such as memory speed and expansion, exact designation, TBP and much more.

Test calls for 10% and 35% more performance in synthetic benchmarks of the Core i9-13900K

A test of the Core i9-13900K on a Chinese video platform in exclusively synthetic tests suggests that 10 or 35 percent more performance is achieved. It is probably the ES CPU, which was already listed in Geekbench for a few days.

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An ominous Core i9-13900K appeared twice in benchmark databases and it is assumed that the model is also the one that now also fills an entire test on Bilibili. B Site, the nickname, is a Chinese video platform comparable to Western Youtube. The testers for the Raptor Lake CPU provide screenshots of CPU-Z and measured values.

BMW sells subscriptions for seat and steering wheel heating

The brave new world of connected cars and always-on internet access brings many conveniences and advances like OTA updates, but also new ways of making money. BMW is now attracting attention with a microtransaction that, if successful, could find many imitators. The seat heating is available as a subscription for 17 euros per month. If you want to have a warm butt, you don’t just have to dig into your pocket once for the equipment ex works. After all, there are long-term subscriptions with discounts: one year for 175 euros, 3 years for 275 euros and unlimited hot buttocks for 390 euros.

Reality Mod for Battlefield 3 will be released shortly – after 7 years of development

It took a whole seven years, but now the time has finally come: The total conversion for Battlefield 3 called Reality Mod, which is based on Project Reality for Battlefield 2 and has been in development for a long time, has a release date.