Mobile phone memory card: 6 fast SD cards for your smartphone

Samsung PRO Endurance Micro SDXC

If you frequently take photos and record videos with your mobile phone, a lot of data accumulates. A fast SD card can make a big difference in device speed, especially with larger files. We’ve put together tips for lightning-fast memory cards.

Samsung Pro Endurance: The endurance runner

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The Samsung Pro Endurance.

Image: © Samsung 2020

Samsung has them Pro Endurance specially designed for constant recording with dashcams, for example. But of course it is also suitable for smartphones that constantly record a lot of video material on the memory card. They are available up to 128 GB.

Samsung Pro Endurance
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SanDisk Extreme Pro: For Hollywood movies

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The SanDisk Extreme Pro.

Image: © SanDisk 2020

A large and fast V30 class video card. With up to 170 MB/s, the SanDisk Extreme Pro can be read, the write speed is up to 90 MB/s. This makes the card suitable for large video projects and fast filming – like in Hollywood.

SanDisk Extreme Pro
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Kingston Canvas Go! Plus: Not just for amateur filmmakers

Kingston Canvas Go!  plus
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The Kingston Canvas Go! Plus.

Image: © Kingston 2020

The map of the renowned Memory manufacturer Kingston also has it all. The standard V30 ensures a speed of up to 170 MB/s, so your mobile phone has to catch up first. This makes the card ideal for filming.

Kingston Canvas Go Plus
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Samsung Evo Plus: The all-rounder

Micro SDXC memory card Samsung Evo Plus
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The Samsung Evo Plus.

Image: © Samsung 2020

For all-round use is the Samsung Evo Plus is a good and reasonably priced choice. They are available with a capacity of 32 to 128 GB. With a write rate of 90 MB/s and a read speed of 100 MB/s, it is already very fast and offers reliable storage space.

Samsung EvoPlus
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SanDisk Extreme Plus: For fast photos

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The SanDisk Extreme Plus.

Image: © SanDisk 2020

In tests, the SanDisk card performed well, especially with small files, which is why it is suitable for users who want to take a lot of photos quickly. Not one of the cheapest cards for the capacity, but well worth the money.

SanDisk Ultra: For the big memory hunger

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The SanDisk Ultra.

Image: © SanDisk 2020

If you need large capacities, this card is ideal for you. The speed is also high, but there are certainly faster sprinters among the microSD cards. However, this will only be noticeable if you want to record videos in 4K.

Not all cards are the same: that’s what the classes mean

The classification into speed classes 2, 4, 6 and 10 is now somewhat outdated, and the slow cards in classes 2 and 4 are only rarely found in the wild. The UHS classes are somewhat newer with a minimum write rate of 30 MB/second. For videos there are now special, even faster cards with the V classes of up to 90 MB/second.

Keyword write rates: The manufacturers usually state the maximum read rates of the cards, which are always slightly higher than the no less meaningful write rates. The following table provides an overview of the most important cards and their minimum write rates:

speed class Minimum write rate
V90 90MB/second
V60 60MB/second
V30 30MB/second
UHS Class 3 30MB/second
UHS Class 2 10MB/second
grade 10 10MB/second
grade 6 6MB/second
grade 4 4MB/second
grade 2 2MB/second

SD cards
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In addition to the write rates, the capacity of the cards is also important, it is indicated by a corresponding designation: there are normal microSD cards with a capacity of 2 GB, microSDHC cards have a capacity of 4 to 32 GB. And microSDXC cards offer 48 GB to theoretically 2 TB – but so far there are only cards with 1 TB on the market. Important for you to know: Not every device supports every card size and every maximum speed. Here you have to look in the user manual to take into account the appropriate card properties.


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