She-Hulk: The nasty green superheroine in the final trailer

She-Hulk: The nasty green superheroine in the final trailer

Just under a month lies between the furious finale of Ms. Marvel and the launch of She Hulk: The new series up DisneyPlus around the green lawyer Jennifer Walters starts on August 17th and if even this short break seems too long, you can currently watch Thor: Love and Thunder in the cinema (click here for our film review).

With She-Hulk, Marvel continues the tradition of stage 4 and releases the next series, which aims to captivate viewers with six episodes (one per week) in front of their home boob tube. As part of the San Diego Comic-Con, where Marvel unveiled the bombastic MCU plans for phases 5 and 6, one was now shown new trailer to She-Hulk.

She-Hulk: Old friends and new enemies

The new trailer shows Jennifer Walters as Tatiana Maslany once again in her dual role as a star lawyer and superheroine, who not only has to settle disputes in court with words, but also with her fists when super villains break in. In order for her to succeed, she also gets lessons from in the almost three-minute video Bruce Banner.

She-Hulk: The final trailer for the Disney+ series

the hulk is her cousin and teacher, even if the trailer already reveals that She-Hulk seems vastly superior to the green scientist in many disciplines. We’ve known for a while that the Hulk will make an appearance in the new series, and it remains exciting to see how his Future in the MCU will look like.

Also from the Deadpool-esque Breaking the fourth wall you get a first taste of it in the final trailer for the series when She-Hulk jokes with viewers behind Bruce’s back. In addition, appears with Wong a character who appeared in phase 4 in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made its appearance and will probably continue to play an important role.

She-Hulk: Series Start Date and CGI Effects Criticism

Although the release of She-Hulk on August 17 on Disney Plus is still more than three weeks away, some have been coming since the first trailer critical voices loud, who criticize the use of CGI effects in the series. Some fans used phrases like “silly” or “out of date” to describe the use of CGI, and they mainly complained about the appearance of She-Hulk himself.

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