You can also play cat hit Stray as CJ from San Andreas

Stray: The Cyberpunk Cat Adventure preview.  (6)

Stray has been available on PC for a few days now and of course that means there are already numerous mods for the game. For example, players can change the color of their cat protagonist, and ship some modders her own cat into Stray’s virtual world. If you want something a little more unusual, you can also walk through the Cyberpunk map with a cute puppy. All this is made possible by the “Happy Puppy” mod by Nexus Mods user Chris Rubino.

Mods to Stray are pretty wild

Players who still want to stick with a cat can also play through Stray as Garfield, with help another mod by Rubino. Garfield looks a lot more like a cartoon cat than the game’s original protagonist, and if you think about it, the mod doesn’t make a lot of sense either. It’s unlikely that Garfield would explore the world of Stray and help the various androids without receiving a single lasagna in return, but arguably anything is possible in the world of modding.

But not only other animal friends are packed into the game, but also certain characters from other popular video game series. So user sir_galahad172 created a “JOKE MOD CJ,” which brings the well-known character from GTA San Andreas into the game. The mod was probably created as a “joke” as CJ needs to be put into every game imaginable and Stray is no exception.

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