Drug trip brings leaks – fan dreams of “GTA 6” story

GTA 6 fan visions

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Rumors about GTA 6 are piling up. A fan now wants information about the game from another dimension.

New York – The sixth part of GTA is eagerly awaited by the fans. However, Rockstar Games has revealed almost no information about the game. But one player is now getting particularly creative and giving us a slightly different leak. To learn more about GTA 6, he embarks on a psychedelic journey. Under the influence of drugs, he dreams of the GTA sequel and meticulously documents what the universe tells him about it. And it seems the GTA spaghetti monster isn’t exactly stingy with its prophecies.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6)
release TBA
Publishers Rockstar Games
developer Rockstar North
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
genre Action adventure, open world

GTA 6: Mind Expanding Experience brings new information to the game

That happened: A very enthusiastic GTA 6 fan has made it his task to bring new information about the game to light. However, he chose a very controversial method. Because the player decided to take mescaline every day for a week. This is a hallucinogenic agent that can be extracted from the peyote cactus. During this time, the daring fan received visions for the story of GTA 6. He shared them on Reddit under the name ChurchofGTA.

I had visions through some sort of window into the collective consciousness of the universe.

These were his visions: For the second time, the Reddit user embarked on the psychedelic journey. The first time he was only able to see the prologue and the first 22 missions of the game. But on the second try, he finally got information about the game’s map and visions for 88 other missions in GTA 6. As the universe told him, the new part of the series should begin with a scene from Scarface. It also gets wild in this one and who would have thought it, drugs seem to play a not insignificant role. These are the things you can look forward to according to the leaks from another dimension.

  • Scarface Intro
  • Your mother feeds you protein bars
  • 80s club scene with cellphones
  • Guide to Corpse Disposal in the Everglades
  • Playable FBI agent who is half robot
  • A lot of car racing
  • Jet Chase
  • Ad banner of an app that aims to help reduce buttocks in just 15 minutes
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According to ChurchofGTA, you will play, among other things, the teenager Eric and the FBI agent Anna Carlson. Both become entangled in a story of drugs, violence and murder. The Reddit user describes each mission very precisely. However, because he is so meticulous about his execution, he has not yet been able to write all 88 missions. If you’re interested in knowing all the details of his questionable visions, you can find his here Reddit post.

GTA 6: Fan embarks on a psychedelic journey – the universe tells him the story of the game © unsplash (Montage)

Do not try this: No matter how impatient you are on GTA 6 to get information, you should definitely not go under the influence of drugs. The better way is probably to rely on trusted insiders or to wait for official news from Rockstar. We will then see whether the visions of ChurchofGTA really come true when GTA 6 is released at the latest. According to an insider, the sixth part of GTA could appear as early as the end of 2023.