Genshin Impact: Player takes 2 years to max level – “I don’t want to lose my rank as a F2P player”

Genshin Impact: Player takes 2 years to max level - "I don't want to lose my rank as a F2P player"

One player started Genshin Impact at launch and has logged in every day since. Recently he reached the highest level. He shares his experiences with the community.

“I am Shahar. I’ve been playing and loving Genshin Impact since release,” he begins his post on the official forums and on reddit. He tells of how he started playing the game with his friends, but little by little they stopped going online. Only he remained and didn’t miss a single day – he logged in 662 days in a row.

Even if the content gets dry and it’s not progressing well, Shahar logs in every day so as not to interrupt the streak.

He has now reached AR60, the highest adventure rank. You can find his reddit post here.

He didn’t spend real money on Genshin Impact

What makes Shahar’s story even more special is the fact that he didn’t spend a penny in Genshin Impact. “I was tempted to invest money, but I chose to keep my status as a Free2Play player,” explains the player.

It makes him feel like he has a special role and a title – AR60 without spending money, not everyone can do it.

It took about a year for the first players to even reach the top rank. That speaks for how high the effort is, even if you put money into it.

Is there a reward for the highest rank? There is, but it turns out to be comparatively ridiculous. For the eternal grind up to AR60, players will receive a few wishes, veterans, and upgrade materials for weapons and characters.

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So if you expected a special reward for reaching rank 60, you will be disappointed.

Nevertheless, at the end of his post, Shahar thanks the developers and the community for the time he had and will continue to have.

What do you think of Shahar’s personal achievement? Could you pull off logging in every day for 2 years without missing a day? What adventure rank have you already reached in Genshin Impact? Did you invest real money or do you also play Free2Play? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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