Unlock M16 in GTA Online: This is how you get the carabiner – locations at a glance

GTA Online - M16 freischalten

That Summer update 2022 brings GTA Online new content spanning vehicles, missions, general improvements, and new weapons. While the sniper rifle for 427,500 GTA dollars can be acquired in the game as normal in every Ammu-Nation, players ask themselves how it is about the Service carbine M16 stands.

  • Sniper Rifle – Cost: $427,500
  • Service Carbine (M16) – Cannot be purchased

Important NOTE: Currently, the collectibles don’t seem to appear in the game because Rockstar hasn’t activated the mission yet. Similar to that Golden revolver the developer will probably have his say as soon as the weapon parts can be found in the game world.

This is how you unlock the M16

In order to be able to unlock the M16 in “GTA Online”, you must visit crime scenes in the game world. Similar to Solomon movie props these locations appear randomly in different locations and are linked to events.

With luck you will find one of the total there five weapon parts:

  • run (barrels)
  • magazine (Like)
  • closure (Receiver)
  • visor (sights)
  • scope (scope)

All in all 10 possible locations, distributed over the entire map of “GTA 5”, there is. Whether you actually find a weapon part in such a place is left to chance.

The Twitter user has a map with an overview of all ten possible locations where weapon parts can be found WildBrick142 created.

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Only when you have collected all five weapon parts will you automatically unlock the M16 and then be able to customize and improve the carbine with upgrades.


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