Fortnite: Goku and Vegeta confirmed – Dragon Ball Z crossover is coming this week

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The next crossover in Fortnite is coming up. In the coming week, fans can look forward to new skins from Dragon Ball Z.

Update from 08/12/2022: Apparently, Epic Games has borrowed enough power from its fans to unleash its next crossover. The developer and publisher is finally coming out with information about the long-awaited collaboration between Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite, albeit vaguely. Epic announced a new event with a tweet and already confirmed a release on August 16, 2022. Dragon Ball Z is not explicitly mentioned, but anyone who has experience with the series should clearly recognize the dragon Shenlong in the picture:

In Fortnite itself, everything is already set for Dragon Ball Z. There is currently a new lobby background that shows Muten Roshi’s Kame House in the distance. Epic Games hasn’t given any more details about the actual skins yet, but ShiinaBR’s information so far should give a pretty accurate view of what fans can expect in the crossover.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z: Leak confirms new anime skins in Battle Royale

Update from 07/19/2022: Check the leak and get yourself ready for Dragon Ball, the information from a few weeks ago has been confirmed. With the release of Update 21.30 for Fortnite, not only did new changes to the map and fresh weapons come to Battle Royale, but new data for future content has already found its way into the game. Many data miners have already thrown themselves at the encrypted files and discovered the first upcoming skins for Dragon Ball. Insider ShiinaBR has now confirmed this with reference to dataminer MidaRado.

Son Goku, Vegeta and Beerus are said to be coming to Fortnite soon. A fourth skin is also said to be hiding in the files, but the latter has not yet been decrypted. It is not yet clear when the skins will be available in the game. But MidaRado wrote about his own Twitter accountthat there would be orders for Dragon Ball Z and that an event for the anime was also planned in creative mode.

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Become Super Sayajin in Fortnite – Leak hints at Dragon Ball Z crossover

First report from 07.07.2022: Cary, North Carolina – Crossovers with anime aren’t an entirely new concept for Fortnite. Epic Games Battle Royale has already had two successful item collections in collaboration with Naruto. Soon, however, the ninja from Konohagakure could face powerful competition. A new leak from the Fortnite files gives strong indications that a crossover with Dragon Ball Z could be imminent.

name of the game Fortnite
release July 21, 2017
Publishers EpicGames
developer Epic Games, People Can Fly
platform PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Android
genre Battle Royale

Fortnite: New item in game files indicates new skins from Dragon Ball Z

Where is the leak coming from? Responsible for the current information about the next Fortnite Crossover is once again ShiinaBR. The verified Twitter insider and partner of Epic Games is considered one of the most reliable leakers in all things Battle Royale. With each update, ShiinaBR revisits Fortnite’s files, looking for fresh items and files that aren’t yet live in-game. With the current update, the insider has discovered new evidence of a Dragon Ball Z crossover.

What exactly did ShiinaBR discover? In the Fortnite files, the leaker noticed a new item that has a logo that should catch the eye of die-hard Dragon Ball Z fans. The Stamina Prop in question features the logo of Capsule Corp, a company founded by Bulma’s father. The item also appeared a few times in the anime, with the same color scheme and logo placement.

Also, as noted by HYPEX, another well-known Fortnite insider, the Stamina Prop shares the same outlines as the Naruto skins from Fortnite, of which a new set of skins has just come into play. It is possible that other items and skins for Dragon Ball Z should come into play in roughly the same graphic style as those from the Naruto crossover. An outfit from Son Goku is also said to have been discovered in the Fortnite game files, but has not yet been confirmed by any reliable source.

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Fortnite: Great Hope for Dragon Ball Z Crossover – Lots of anime and movies coming into play

How likely is the Dragon Ball Z crossover? In fact, new items from the Dragon Ball Z universe are anything but impossible. In another tweet about the leak, ShiinaBR stated that she had heard about a possible collaboration between Fortnite and the anime for the past year. But after there was no further news, the insider had written off the appearance of Goku and Co for a long time. The question now is when Epic Games might bring the new items to the Fortnite item shop.

Become Super Sayajin in Fortnite – Leak hints at Dragon Ball Z crossover

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What else is new in Fortnite? There’s been a bit of chaos in Fortnite lately. Not only are many fans disappointed by the Fortnite skins that Epic Games has recently brought into the game, there are also technical problems. Fortnite’s zero build mode is practically unplayable because a bug throws numerous players out of matches prematurely. Only recently there was another leak, according to which the pirate legend Jack Sparrow should soon come to Fortnite. So movies and anime are very welcome guests in battle royale lately.

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