How to Kick Someone Off Your Wi-Fi

How to Kick Someone Off Your Wi-Fi

It may be that in recent days or weeks you have noticed a significant drop in speed in your Wi-Fi connection, something that may be caused by someone who has managed to enter your network and is using your Internet. In case this happens, we are going to tell you how you can know if this is happening to you and how to kick out that intruder.

The fact that there are people who use the WiFi signal that others emit in order to connect to the Internet is something that unfortunately happens more frequently than is desirable.

When said character is dedicated to downloading large files continuously, it can make the connection slower and make it much more difficult for us to have a smooth connection.

If we already use the WiFi network for many devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions and other smart devices, by adding another user who will make the same types of connections in his own home, but fraudulently, the speeds of our router will be affected significantly.

That is why it is so important and interesting to be able to identify if the lack of Internet fluency comes from an intruder taking advantage of what we pay for. If we manage to corroborate this, we will have no choice but to get down to work and throw out the freeloader.

How to know if an intruder uses our WiFi?

If we have the problem that the speeds of our connection have been affected for several days or weeks, the first thing we should do is make sure that there is no type of fault and contact our internet providerto give us an explanation of why this happens.

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If from those places there is no explanation and everything is correct, then the possibility of have an intruder using our WiFi.

So, at this point of suspicion of having an exploiter of our Internet, the best thing is first to make sure of this fact and second to proceed with the expulsion of this individual.

The easiest way to know if we have unwanted users on our WiFi is identify and turn off all devices we have authorized to use the network. In other words, the best thing is that we cut the Internet on all the devices we have at home.

If after performing this task, we look at the router and the online activity light keeps flashing, that will mean that another user is on our network, using devices that we do not know.

WiFi repeaters are easy to install, help eliminate dead spots and increase the speed of your current internet connection without breaking the bank.

East method is not foolproofas the router may be contacting your ISP regarding firmware updates or just regular maintenance.

There is another way by which we will be able to identify if there is someone using our WiFi without permission.

What we are going to do is enter the router and check it out for ourselves.

  • The normal way to enter the router is to use the browser and enter its configuration page. This web usually comes on the sticker on the back of the router.
  • This website is usually either in the vast majority of cases.
  • Before being able to enter the router, it will ask for the username and passwordsomething that we must know (it can come in the instructions of the router) or force us to call our Internet provider to tell us.
  • The most used default usernames and passwords are usually: admin/admin, 1234/1234, admin/1234, password/password or admin/password.
  • Once inside the configuration we look for the device list that are using the network (could be listed as Network Map or Connected Devices).
  • Now we only have to count the number of devices that appear on the list, comparing with those that we have at home connected to said network.
  • Obviously, if the number is greater than the appliances that we have connected to the network in our house, that means we have an unwanted guest.
  • If we want to be more specific, we can always analyze the MAC address of each device (this is something that we can see in the configuration of any device), to know for sure which one is each.
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How to kick an intruder out of our WiFi network?

To ensure that this person no longer takes advantage of our Wi-Fi networkwe can perform a series of actions, which we are going to talk about right now.

There are several possibilities for you to run.

Change Password

The simplest and easiest way to prevent them from taking advantage of the WiFi network that we pay for is to change the password of the router.

For that we must enter the router configuration again and once inside look for the place where it refers to the types of connections (today 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

In that place we will see the network name and current passwordbeing able change it to one that is more complicatedsince there is now they got to know it.

Filter by MAC addresses

As we have already mentioned before, each device that connects to our WiFi network has a MAC address.

All routers can be configured to get verify the mac of a device and start or reject the session, depending on whether or not we have it in our list.

We can configure our router to reject all devices except those that are on a predetermined list of known and welcome devices. This entire process is known as MAC address filtering.

It’s not a foolproof idea, as an intruder can bypass the blacklist simply by joining our network using a different device. Also, whitelisting can be bypassed by using a virtual private network (VPN).

Even so, it is a very effective way to protect your router from intruders. If you want to know how you can know the MAC address of your devices and how it is configured in the router, we will explain it to you in the video that you have at the top of this article.

reset router

If we are unlucky enough that the person using our WiFi is an expert, they might even know how to backdoor their router, so password change or MAC filtering won’t do the trick.

In this case, the only thing left is factory reset routerwhich will remove any software changes the intruder made, making everything go back to the way it was when it was first launched.

To achieve this, we must look at the instructions of the router, since each brand does it in a different way.

With everything that we have told you, you will already know how to know if someone uses your WiFi and the most effective ways to kick him out.